April 1, 2021 Irvington Student – COVID Testing

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CHOOSE BELOW, THEN A PARENT OR GUARDIAN SHOULD REVIEW AND SIGN Permission Slip ENGLISH Download File Permission Slip SPANISH Download File Permission Slip CREOLE Download File

Escape Into Nature

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Escape Into Nature Getting out into nature has many health benefits.  It naturally lifts our spirits to be surrounded by beautiful, scenic environments found in the natural world. You don’t need to leave New Jersey to enjoy natural wonders. New Jersey offers many opportunities to enjoy and explore natural sights near you!  Branch Brook Park, Newark/Belleville:  Branch ... Click Here to Read More

Managing Your Anxiety and Your Kid’s Too!

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Managing Your Anxiety and Your Kid’s Too! Are you a worrier? Do you find yourself going over things in your mind, constantly wondering how things will turn out, if you’ll be okay? This is anxiety. Anxiety is our body’s way of signaling danger- it triggers our fight or flight response. Therefore, when there is danger, it serves ... Click Here to Read More

Zoom Fatigue and Kids: How to Help

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Zoom Fatigue and Kids: How to Help “Zoom fatigue” is a new phenomenon researchers are observing as we all find ourselves having to use virtual platforms on a regular basis. Psychology Today describes it as the exhaustion we experience from video chatting. It affects adults and kids too. Video chatting can be more tiring to us because ... Click Here to Read More

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