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New! – Principal’s Welcome Message – GSS 2019-2020

Greetings Stakeholders,

A warm welcome from the Home of the Champions for Children where we are teaching and working as if our own children attend this school!

Our Mission at Grove Street School is to provide rigorous, enjoyable, and meaningful learning experiences to all students. As we embark upon the 2019-2020 school-year, it is our genuine determination to positively influence the academic performance as well as the social emotional development of each student. We recognize our students as phenomenal scholars with a wide variety of talents, interests, and an extraordinary sense of pride and fortitude. We are also cognizant that the teaching-learning process progresses uniquely for each individual.

When children are placed in a well structured, secure, and nurturing environment, surrounded by responsible and enthusiastic adults, they are able to thrive and exceed all expectations. The team at Grove Street School is dedicated to providing a safe and encouraging atmosphere where all students […]