“Real science can be far stranger than science fiction, and much more satisfying” – Stephen Hawking (1942 – 2018)
Hot-air ballon demonstration

University Middle School: Hot-air balloon demonstration.

Preparing our students for the real-world challenges of today and the unknown challenges of tomorrow has guided our mission as the Irvington Public Schools Science Department. Against the backdrop of today’s distractions and stranger things, we welcome the curious and those wanting to design a better world through Science, Technology, and Engineering. Inspirational and fascinating things happen in our science classes each day, just like the strange science “magic” happening here at University Middle School to satisfy our student’s curiosity. It was also just this past year that Irvington High School offered its first Engineering course and Green Designs challenge. Today, we continue to build on the fascination and interests that our Irvington community have shared, bringing to fruition the Rita Owens STEAM Academy that will provide rigorous engineering pathways in manufacturing, biomedical, mechanical, and computers.

The K-5 Science program continues to be focused on integrating the various science disciplines around complex questions, engaging topics, and phenomena. The Interactive Science resource provides every student with a write-in print copy as well as digital access to the textbook, video clips, activities, and more…

Our middle school Science team will continue to use the Integrated Science program available through Amplify. Thanks to our District’s 1:1 initiative, students and teachers have round-the-clock access to the entire Science program. Additionally, our partnership with Students 2 Science, Inc. will enhance the learning experience through field trips and virtual labs conducted under the guidance of field experts and researchers.

Irvington’s Science Department understands the vital role it plays in equipping our students to take their place as the workforce, leaders, and problem-solvers of tomorrow. We are steadfast in our commitment to providing a quality STEM education for ALL of our students. We will continue our work to ensure that our students are equipped with the scientific literacy and critical thinking skills needed to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.

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