The Irvington Public Schools’ Department of Mathematics believes that through consistent practice and guided exploration, our scholars will be well-equipped to solve any challenges with higher-order thinking and logical reasoning throughout their school careers.

With multiple resources at our disposal, we heavily focus on student engagement and student achievement. We align our curriculum, using enVision textbooks and Savvas, to better prepare our scholars for the 21st century. These programs encourage critical thinking and give prompt feedback for individualized learning. Our primary goal is to have our scholars gain confidence in mathematics through effective discussions, practice, and persistence. With this goal in mind, a variety of different and appropriate resources are provided: whiteboards, calculators, and chromebooks.

Our curriculum closely follows the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics (NJSLS), and through constant and collaborative meetings, we prioritize student learning and student growth. Building off of our foundations from the K-5 Mathematics Program, our scholars will hone their mathematical fluency: multi-digit & rational number arithmetic operations, solving one-variable linear equations, polynomial arithmetic operations, and geometry. Our scholars will be able to reason abstractly and quantitatively, construct viable arguments, and critique the reasoning of others.

Through constant data collection and analysis, our mathematics department strives for student excellence. At the utmost of my abilities, I will work closely with our empowering educators to shape our curriculum that focuses on student learning, growth, and achievement.

We encourage our students and families to utilize these free online resources that will help aid students in their learning:

Video resources by topic:
Geometry & calculator tools:
Graphing tools:
Graphing calculator tutorials: