The Math Department is dedicated to ensuring our students receive an exceptional education in mathematics. This encompasses providing access to a curriculum that is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics (NJSLS), and meaningful experiential opportunities. We strongly emphasize the value of three-dimensional learning, high-quality professional development, and the implementation of relevant culture-riched lessons. Our ultimate goal is for all students to gain a conceptual understanding, while actively engaging in critiquing with evidence, asking thoughtful questions, and solving real-world problems.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, we aim to optimize students’ engagement, skill development, and overall learning experience by integrating well-established teaching methodologies to address the diverse needs of scholars, At Irvington public schools, our mathematics curriculum is meticulously crafted to provide students with ample opportunities to partake in advanced courses, enabling them to explore and excel in their mathematical journey.

Presently, we are utilizing the following core instructional materials for our teaching purposes:

  • 6-8 enVision Mathematics Textbook
  • Algebra 1 – enVision Algebra textbook
  • Geometry – enVision Geometry textbook
  • Algebra 2 – enVision Algebra 2 textbook
  • Supplemental instructional materials – IXL Math

As the math supervisor for grades 6-12, I wholeheartedly dedicate myself to the regular analysis of data to inform and guide our instructional decisions. This process will enable us to continuously improve our curriculum, the quality of instruction, and ensure that they are tailored to ultimately lead to enhanced students’ achievement and success.

We encourage our students and families to utilize these free online resources that will help aid students in their learning:

Video resources by topic:
Geometry & calculator tools:
Graphing tools:
Graphing calculator tutorials: