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Irvington, NJ 07111

Welcome, the Irvington Public Schools’ Guidance Department is dedicated to assisting you and your child in achieving his or her greatest potential. The collaboration between the Irvington Community Members and the Irvington Public Schools will result in motivated, inspired, and successful young citizens.

The Guidance Team Members welcome you to seek our assistance in addressing any needs or concerns that may arise, as we strive to achieve this shared goal.

The mission of the Irvington Public Schools’ Guidance Department is to offer a developmental program that will meet the academic, social-emotional and career planning needs of all Irvington students. This program will forever remain a work in progress as it continues to provide all students with the skills and preparation needed for the ever-changing roles in society and the workplace.

Our comprehensive school-counseling program was developed through collaboration with students, parents, faculty, and community members and is the result of surveys, interviews, and recommendations from these groups. The outcome of this collaboration has set the goal for the school counselor, first and foremost, to become an integral part of the school setting. Counselors are involved in all aspects of the operation of the schools and serve as a connection between staff, students, administrators, and families in creating and promoting a positive learning environment.

Only a parent or legal guardian may register a child for school. Please call each school for specific registration days and times.

Pre-K to 12 Grade School Registration

Please be sure to bring ALL required documentation with you at the time of registration:

– Transfer card from the school of student’s last attendance.
– Student State ID, NJ Smart Number
– Updated immunization records

– Proof of legal guardianship
• birth certificate
• custody papers
• certificate of adoption

– Academic records
• pupil transfer card
• report card/discipline records
• transcripts
• standardized test results

Special Education documents (if applicable)

– Proof of residence
• Current PSE&G bill in parent’s/guardian’s name
• Homeowner’s tax bill
• Mortgage papers or property deed
• Lease agreement
• Notarized letter from landlord

Please Call your school for registration days and times

In an effort to provide you with links to community support, we have compiled the attached list of resources you may find helpful. All agencies/programs have been utilized by our Guidance Department Team Members and collaborate with us to address the varying needs of the Irvington Public Schools’ families.

High School Career & College Planning

New Jersey High School Graduation Assessment Requirements

Learn more about SATs, ACTs  (Link to the College Board Website )

Preparing for the SATs (Test prep materials *SAT Question of the Day*)

Paying for College (Financial Aid information)

Career & College Planning New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator
(NJ CAN – The Department of Education’s Free web-based career guidance system)

College Board Test Preparation for Students

+ Registering for the SAT

+ Registering for the ACT

+ How to Write College Essays

+ How to Complete the FAFSA

+ College Financial Aid Application Information FAFSA

+ HESAA -The Student Loan Guide

+ 2018–19 Counselors and Mentors Handbook on Federal Student Aid: A Guide for Those Advising Students About Financial Aid for Higher Education

The Irvington Public Schools’ Guidance Department is a critical component within our school system. It is designed to assist our students, grades pre-K through 12, in achieving the educational goals of our school district while respecting and supporting the diverse beliefs and cultures of the members of our community.

Guidance and Counseling programs are committed to providing the best possible educational and social-emotional experience for each student. The foundation upon which our program rests is an unyielding belief in the inherent worth of each individual student.

Counselors work collaboratively with administrators, teachers, parents, child study team members, Health & Social Service Coordinators, students, community members, and service agencies to support our students. While supporting the Irvington Board of Education’s goal that each student will attain or exceed state-identified levels of proficiency, a holistic approach to education is provided which includes the development of social skills, individual character, positive self-image, career awareness and continuing education.

Our Guidance Team Members develop a unique relationship with the students through individual and group counseling experiences. Providing professional support and information; assisting students in managing their environment, and enriching individual academic and career exploration programs, is an integral component to this process.

While adhering to National Standards for School Counseling Programs, Irvington Guidance and Counseling Programs provide students with an opportunity to grow, develop, and extend their individual potential to insure that they have a fulfilling educational experience and graduate to become positive and productive members of their community.