Mission Statement:  Irvington Public Schools inspires and instructs all students to think critically, creatively, and responsibly, to embrace diversity, and to pursue their dreams with purpose.

1. District Goal: Quality curriculum with remote access for the Irvington community

A. Superintendent’s Performance Goal #1

Objective 1: Present a budget recommendation for 2020-21 that adequately supports remote learning

Objective 2: Give quarterly updates with progress of this initiative

Objective 3: By January 2021, the Superintendent will present a proposal regarding the general direction and resource impact for this initiative.

2. District Goal: Current Technology is accessible to the Irvington students and parents

B. Superintendent Performance Goal #2

Objective 1: Ensure the district website is updated, maintained, and publicized as a source for accurate community and district information

Objective 2: Provide quarterly updates to the Board

Objective 3: Ensure at least 50% of the instructional staff has received professional development on Google Suite by September 30, 2020

Objective 4: Will provide virtual learning training to community members at least once every quarter.

3. District Goal: District will maximize resources available for instruction and community engagement

C. Superintendent Performance Goal #3

Objective 1: Each year for the next five years, the Superintendent will present budgets that increase district resources to instructional and parental involvement programs

Objective 2: Parental surveys and community committees and quarterly forums

Objective 3: Offer weekly professional development from various content areas

Objective 4: Provide ELL community activities and classes