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Media Services and Technology

The Irvington Public Schools remain committed to implementing technology as an integrated tool, which maximizes work efforts to enhance teaching and learning. This commitment is based on the philosophy that technology literacy is an integral component of a balanced educational experience. Each student and staff member will have the ability to use technology proficiently for lifelong learning with a sense of ethics in order to attain district goals and increase communication. The Technology Curriculum is aligned to and infuses the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Technology 8.1, 8.2, to ensure the literacy needed by all students to succeed in a highly technological world. Therefore, our aim is to provide the latest technology at a level that is serviceable, and supported within staff. In the past two years the Irvington School District has increased technology in the district by adding 278 interactive Smart Boards, 10 Smart Tables and 50 Smart Responders.

Recently, we just completed a major upgrade to our district-wide network and Internet pipe with Comcast to give Irvington a state-of-the-art telecommunications system. We now have a one Gigabyte fiber network between all of our schools and a 700 mega bytes per second Internet bandwidth. These Telecommunications services are all provided for and contracted with an eligible telecommunications service provider and follows our 2010-2013 District Technology Plan.

One of the major goals of the district for 2012-2013 is to allow every parent/guardian access to their child’s grades online through the PowerTeacher grade book. This access will allow parents/ guardians the ability to monitor their progress and improve communication with teachers.

Given the ability and privilege to gain access to the electronic information highway, virtually any information is available at the fingertips of every student in the district via on-line computers in all classrooms and in the future simply through a touch screen. This impacts greatly the motivation of every student to learn and thus serves as a necessary avenue to follow the district theme “Quality Education: A Community Commitment”.

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Brett Cannon, University Middle / Madison Avenue

David Dickman,  Irvington High School / Augusta Pre-School

Craig Felder, Grove Street / University Elementary

Shannon Phillips, Chancellor Avenue / Berkeley Terrace

Perry Schatzow, Union Middle / Mt. Vernon Avenue

Nathan Vincent,  Florence Avenue / Thurgood Marshall

Carl Walton,  District Data / NJ Smart Reporting