Give Yourself A Mother’s Day Gift of Self- Care

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to reflect on all that we as mothers have faced and overcome this year. We have been caretakers, teachers and playmates for our children. We’ve seen our children through over a year of virtual school. We’ve done our best to make our children feel safe and to assure them that all would be ok- even if we weren’t always sure ourselves. We’ve strived to keep our kids happy in a strange and frightening pandemic world.

We’ve faced tragedies and supported loved ones and friends through all their struggles. 

This Mother’s Day, more than ever, we deserve to be celebrated! We’ve given so much to others, we also have to give to ourselves. One way to honor ourselves and acknowledge all that we do is to practice self-care!

Here are some ways to practice self-care on Mother’s Day and everyday:

Practice Positive Affirmations: Tell yourself each day how strong and capable and beautiful you are!

Set limits with others: At times it can be difficult to say no to others, but sometimes we have to prioritize ourselves and our own needs. If life is feeling overwhelming, it’s ok to say, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that right now.”

Take time for yourself: Enlist childcare help if you can and take some time for yourself. Go for a walk, or treat yourself to a special outing. Take a nap if that’s what you need, or relax with a favorite tv show. We need time to recharge- when we take time for ourselves it allows us to be at our best when with our kids.

Find ways to create a sense of calm for yourself: Try scented candles or oils, play soothing music, or try a guided meditation on youtube; practice hobbies that bring you a sense of peace and happiness. Do you love to bake, make crafts or read? Find your personal antidote to stress and do it as much as you can.

Practice healthy habits: During this stressful year, it’s been easy to fall into some unhealthy habits- you deserve to be happy and healthy! This means working towards eating nutritious foods that fuel your body and mind, and trying to incorporate exercise into your life.  This doesn’t have to be a strenuous workout- a brisk, twenty minute walk a few days a week is enough to boost your spirits and improve your overall health.

Stay Connected: Now more than ever, it’s important that we stay connected to family, friends and loved ones. Whether virtually or safely in-person, we need the social and emotional support of others to get us through challenging times. We need others to talk to, laugh with, and share with to make us whole.

This Mother’s Day, remember self-care is never selfish, but necessary!