Spring Crafts

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Spring Crafts Spring is on the way and can’t come soon enough! Celebrate with these fun crafts! This rainbow craft will brighten any room and is easy to make! All you and your little ones need are paper plates, paint or marker, glue and scissors!  https://www.artycraftykids.com/craft/easy-paper-plate-rainbow-craft/

Mindfulness Exercises for Kids

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Mindfulness Exercises for Kids to Try at Home Mindfulness has wonderful benefits for the emotional health of children. Helping children to be present in the moment and self-aware helps them to understand and regulate their feelings, develop self-control, and to make good decisions for themselves. Here are a few easy activities for children to try at home ... Click Here to Read More

Helping Your Child With Separation Anxiety

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Helping Your Child With Separation Anxiety Learning from home may mean your preschooler is with you most of the time. Your child is not  having the experience of putting on their little backpacks and heading out the door to preschool.  Before the pandemic, preschool meant learning fundamental academic lessons, but also an important skill-  children learn that ... Click Here to Read More

Helpful Links

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Helpful Links Here are some helpful links to resources for supporting your child’s academic and positive behavior while they learn at home! Here is a link to a guide for families with strategies to help you to support your child academically and to help with challenging behaviors as they learn at home (K-3) https://ceedar.education.ufl.edu/family-guide-to-at-home-learning/ This link can ... Click Here to Read More

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