District Procedures For Student Attendance Warning Letters

The Board of Education requires that students attend school regularly in accordance with the laws of the State. The educational program offered by this district is predicated on the presence of students and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. The regular contact of students with one another in the classroom and their participation in a well-planned instructional activity under the tutelage of a competent teacher are vital to this purpose.

Prolonged or repeated absences, excused or unexcused, from school or from class, deprive students of the classroom experience deemed essential to learning and may result in retention at grade level or loss of credit toward the high school diploma in accordance with policies of the Board of Education.

Excerpt taken from Board of Education Policy # 5200

Listed below are the procedures for student attendance warning letters.

Warning Letter
A Warning Letter is mailed home after a student has been absent for 5 days.

Five-Day Notice
On the 10th day that a student is absent, the school will submit documentation to the District’s Attendance Office. The Attendance Officer will mail home a “Legal Notice to Parent/Guardian” form.

Request for Court Action

On the fifth day, a student is absent after the date on the Legal Notice to Parent/Guardian, the school will complete a Request for Court packet. The Request for Court packet is comprised of the following:

  • Student attendance records
  • Copy of the Warning Letter
  • Copy of the Five-Day Notice
  • Copy of report card or grades
  • Guidance Counselor’s summary
  • Nurse’s summary
  • Teachers’ summaries

The Request for Court packet is forwarded by the District’s Attendance Office to the Irvington Township Court for necessary action.

We encourage all students to attend school regularly so that they can receive a quality education that promotes college and career readiness.