Grove Street School Principal: Dr. Deniese Cooper (973) 399-6800 Ext: 2404
Grove Street School Parent Coordinator: Tia Head (973) 399-6800 ext 2413
District Family Community Advocate: Ms. Patricia Wilson 973-399-6800 Ext: 1115

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic as we continue to focus on the safety and wellbeing of all stakeholders, parents and visitors will not be permitted into the school building for gatherings, assemblies and face to face meetings. 

Parents will continue to participate in the following:

  1. Attend monthly virtual Parent Workshops presented by the School’s Social
    Worker, School Nurse, or the Parent Coordinator that will focus on
    academics, social emotional development, health & safety, and other pertinent
  2. Join and participate in virtual Parent/Teacher Association meetings hosted by
    Grove Street School PTA.
  3. Complete an annual school survey in the spring, which will apprise the school
    of their opinions and suggestions regarding the programs, activities,
    workshops and experiences at Grove Street School.
  4. Receive progress reports and on-going communications from staff regarding
    their child’s academic progress via telephone, email, virtual conferences,
    letters, etc.
  5. Participate virtually in Preschool Intervention and Referral Team (PIRT)
    Meetings, Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS) Meetings, Individual
    Education Plan (IEP) Meetings, and 504 Meetings regarding the development
    of their child’s academic/behavioral intervention plan.
  6. Have the opportunity to serve on the School Leadership Council and School Safety Team.
  7. Request a virtual conference with the building administrator.
  8. Receive opportunities to observe their child/children in virtual classrooms.