Social Studies Program Philosophy

The statement primary purpose of the Social Studies Department is to promote an understanding of the world, human interaction, cultural diversity, cultural heritage, and to equip students with the knowledge and understanding of the past, which is essential for coping with the present and planning for the future. The Social Studies Department will encourage the recognition of interrelationships among the Sciences and Humanities and help give students the necessary tools to become responsible and proactive citizens.

sst_philThrough inquiry based learning, students learn responsibility and social studies content. Some teachers choose to let students participate in cooperative learning activities. Other teachers may feel that the discovery method is best and let students generate questions and research to find their answers. We believe that effective and diligent teachers can combine these different methods so that all learners could benefit. All students are capable of learning, but each may learn best with different instructional methods.

For this reason, the curriculum has been designed to thoroughly engage students in geography, economics, political systems, history and culture through a wide variety of rich literature, innovative and interesting online technology, hands-on projects and activities that integrate Mathematics, LAL, Science, Art and Music. All levels will also infuse Multicultural Awareness, Careers, and applications of Current Events to their specific disciplines. Students need to realize that social studies impacts and is impacted by each of the other content areas.

Each Irvington teacher experiences the joy and excitement of teaching the future through our students. We have the privilege and responsibility to work with Irvington’s children and youth in helping them to prepare for life in the 21st century.

Resting on the pillars of equity and excellence for all children, the Irvington Board of Education’s Social Studies Department is committed to providing curricular and instructional guidance and assistance to all students, all teachers, and the community as a whole.

In essence, the social studies curriculum is an invitation to the teachers of Irvington to use various standards and approaches in Social Studies for planning significant, challenging, and an effective Social Studies program. With this in mind, our students will be met with exciting challenges and will persevere in the content area of Social Studies by becoming life-long learners and active participants in society.