The Program focuses upon individual success, provides child-initiated learning experiences, and promotes growth in cognitive, physical, social, and emotional areas. Parents and teachers are involved in a cooperative effort to meet the program goals as students construct their own understanding of the world through active involvement with materials, people, and ideas.

The adult’s role is to facilitate this process by creating opportunities for children to undertake self-planned activities and to reflect on those activities. Adults will further support children by providing appropriate materials, planned spaces, and a consistent daily routine. Adults will understand each child’s developmental status and provide direct and appropriate support and extension of their activities based on developmentally appropriate key experiences.

To that aim our program will:

  1. Focus on developmentally appropriate practices that are stimulating and based on those characteristics of young children that are crucial to their growth and development.
  2. Encompass research based teaching practices, relationships with parents, and partnerships with community resources and agencies; and utilize a variety of materials, equipment, technology and supplies that will enhance the learning environment.
  3. Recognize the parent and family as the most vital link to the child’s development.
  4. Provide ongoing professional staff development and parent training in early childhood issues