Our Philosophy

We Believe that our students are unique individuals, each capable of achieving greatness. That we will guide, challenge and support our students to one day become scientifically literate citizens. That we will Inspire our students to pursue careers in
STEM and become life-long learners. That our students will become effective problem solvers, independent learners, and critical thinkers.

We Believe scientific literacy will only be achieved through a carefully planned educational program from Pre-K through grade 12 and beyond. That providing a quality science education requires many stakeholders to share responsibility, collaborate, and
act with good judgment and ethical intentions. That technology is a tool that offers innumerable possibilities for teaching and learning. That professional development will be used to maintain a quality instructional program and be adapted to changing needs.

We Believe that science involves the study and exploration of the natural and designed world. The Supernatural and subjective opinions have no place in the formation of scientific knowledge. That science begins with observation and inquiry and proceeds
through experimentation, analysis and reflection. Science is constantly changing, producing more questions than answers. That a scientific mind is skeptical and accepts that nothing is infallible or forever.

We Believe that we must uphold the highest professional standards as science educators. That we must take responsibility for and promote our own professional learning and growth. That we must advocate for the resources needed to provide a quality science education. That we will be sensitive to the unique learning needs of our students and that we will hold high expectations for their achievement. That we will guide our students to understanding and proficiency.That we will encourage their curiosity and rectify their misconceptions.

We Believe that to achieve scientific literacy one must be observant and curious enough to ask questions and inquisitive enough to seek answers to those questions. That conclusions are supported by scientifically-derived evidence. That scientific laws
and theories can be explained thoroughly and applied to authentic situations. That information is evaluated before being accepted.

Mission and Goals

The Science Department of the Irvington Public School District is committed to fostering an environment whereby students experience a comprehensive science program that is supportive, engaging, and challenging. Students will develop the knowledge and skills to confidently go forward as productive and scientifically literate members of society. In support of its mission, the Science Department is dedicated to:

  • Developing the knowledge and skills necessary for a STEM career and for life-long learning.
  • Promoting instruction that fosters the skills of observation, inquiry, analysis and reflection.
  • Achieving a climate in which students of varying abilities and backgrounds are encouraged to fully participate in the science program.
  • Creating an environment that is conducive for learning through the integration of technology and applying current research to curriculum and instruction.
  • Fostering a learning community comprised of staff and students that promotes learning, respect, honesty, and civility.
  • High student achievement through a rigorous curriculum and high expectations.