Parental Involvement Policy

Mount Vernon Elementary School Principal: Kcyied Zahir
Mount Vernon Elementary School Parent Coordinator: Ms. Candace Goode  973-399-6875 Ext 1415
District Family Community Advocate:  Ms. Patricia Wilson  973-399-6800 Ext 1115

  1. Have the opportunity to participate in monthly or bi-monthly meetings and/or workshops organized by the Parent Coordinator, PTA and/or teachers with a focus on academics, social development, school-wide initiatives, parenting, etc.
  2. Have the opportunity to serve on the School Leadership Council and/or School Safety Team.
  3. Receive quarterly progress reports and communication (telephone, e-mail, conferences and letters) from teachers regarding their child’s attendance, academic and social progress.
  4. Have the opportunity to visit their child’s classroom to observe academic and/or behavioral performance with 24 hours advanced notice to the school administrator.
  5. Have the opportunity to support the development their child’s academic and behavioral intervention plan through the Intervention and Referral Services Committee (I&RS) or through the Child Study Team (CST) as appropriate.
  6. Be provided with a quarterly newsletter to keep them informed of various school and district initiatives with regard to their child’s education.
  7. Have access to the district website where they can access the school’s website, PowerSchool and calendar of events.
  8. Have the opportunity to attend Open House to meet their child’s teacher, and receive an overview of the curriculum, and school expectations.
  9. Be provided with official school correspondence in the language representative of the language spoken at home as per the Home Language Survey when possible.
  10. Be provided with learning opportunities and resources such as technology and training opportunities to support their children with remote instruction if necessary.