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09/25 Oasis Free Distribution – Food, Diapers, Feminine Hygiene Products

An Oasis distribution of free diapers, food, and maxi pads will be held at University Middle School at 255 Myrtle Avenue on Friday, September 25th from 4-5 pm.  You must provide your child’s birth certificate and face masks must be worn.

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New Distance Learning Portal for Parents and Students

For the 2020-2021 school year, Irvington Public Schools has launched its new Distance Learning Portal to help better equip parents and students for full-time remote learning. This resource-driven site provides videos, toolkits, and downloads for students and families. Users will find a variety of helpful information such as:

  • 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan
  • K-12 Distance Learning Schedules
  • Getting started with using: A Chromebook, Google Meet, Google Classroom
  • Logging your student into Clever
  • Accessing student grades and attendance
  • Resources for special needs families
  • Additional technology resources and online student activities

To visit the Parent and Student Distance Learning Portal please click here.

Welcome University Middle School To The 2020-2021 School Year

Dear Parents & Guardians

Portrait of Andrea TuckerOn Wednesday, September 9, 2020, a new and exciting school year will begin, and I am once again honored to serve as the principal of University Middle School. It is understood that you may have concerns about how to make this school year successful for your child, in the midst of a pandemic. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information that will assist as you prepare for the 2020-2021 school year.

First, please make yourself very familiar with the Irvington Public School’s website (  It provides a wealth of information at your fingertips.  The 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan is available on the site. University Middle School has a dedicated webpage on the site for school specific information.  Please visit our school’s webpage to review our school calendar and keep abreast of events that are taking place at University Middle School. Also, our UMS Student/Parent Handbook is available for review; this document will acquaint you with rules and procedures that, when adhered to, will contribute to your child’s academic and behavioral success. As we build a community one student at a time, communication is key

The staff at University Middle School is committed to the success of all scholars. At our school, highly qualified and dedicated staff members work collaboratively to ensure that all scholars are provided with a quality educational experience, which fosters the personal, intellectual, social-emotional growth and development of each child, which in turn, will motivate student achievement; our primary focus

University Middle School has an approximate enrollment of 800 scholars. Our school offers everyone many valuable opportunities to participate in academic and extra-curricular activities that will assist our students in becoming more knowledgeable, skillful and confident learners in our society.  We encourage and look forward to helping students maximize their potential during their time here at University Middle School.

Our school has a 9-period schedule that includes Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education for all students. University Middle School also offers French and Spanish, an intellectually gifted program, magnet music and visual arts programs and technology classes. All of our scholars are trained to use Chromebook laptops as a learning tool, and all classrooms have a Smart Board, which teachers apply in daily instruction by designing interactive lessons.

Our school community will maintain our vision of encouraging our students to strive for academic excellence and prepare for a successful future. This vision is intertwined with building our scholars from within as we nurture their spirit and self-actualization. We will infuse social-emotional learning strategies within our daily schedule to support the needs of our students.  Social and emotional learning (SEL) enhances students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges.  It recognizes the importance of fostering positive, healthy school climates and helping students learn from their mistakes. We also continue to nurture the hearts of our students with the assistance of a well-rounded support staff that offers academic, as well as, socio-emotional counseling. The staff consists of guidance counselors, a social worker, and a dean. This team also works diligently with all stakeholders to serve as a community-based center providing resources to parents, as well as, opportunities for them to share in the educational process of their children. This relationship fosters open communication with parents, and help families establish home environments to support children as students, all while providing a welcoming atmosphere.

We will continue to praise and celebrate academic excellence and positive behavior by acknowledging those scholars who work hard. The National Junior Honor Society, Honor Roll, Student of the Month, and Perfect Attendance are a few of the honors that are bestowed upon our scholars.  Our scholars have also placed in district sponsored contests such as the Martin Luther King, Jr Essay, Multicultural Essay, PRIDE Essay and the Spelling Bee. We also uplift our scholars with celebrations such as monthly assemblies, pep rallies and other exciting events.

University Middle School offers a supportive environment for scholars’ academic and emotional growth. Positive behavior and character education are proven to help students acquire the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes necessary for student achievement and success in life. Our PBSIS program will continue to be the underlying force of guiding student behavior. It will instill the idea that the acquisition of positive character values promotes healthy student development.

Overall, educating our scholars is a TEAM effort. As we continue our academic journey, we want to thank all of our students, parents, staff and community members for their hard work and dedication. We welcome our students and families to our school community.  At year’s end, we hope that we will all enjoy the rewards that will come as a result of our collective efforts to make UMS a school of academic excellence.

Best wishes for a terrific year, and welcome to the Home of the EAGLES!

Andrea Tucker


“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” – Marian Wright Edelman

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Full Day Child Care Program For Parents and Staff Members

Irvington Parents and Staff  Your virtual Learning Worries Are Over

Why worry about childcare when CHRISTIAN PENTECOSTAL CHILDCARE PROGRAM can handle that for you?



PRE-K to 8TH GRADE Includes:


RATES AS LOW AS $80 Per Week

(Next to Vernon Avenue School) 36 Mt. Vernon Irvington, NJ 07111


For more Information Call (973) 399-0004 or E-mail: christianpentecostalafterschool@
Make an appointment to register your child today! To register online visit our website:
613-615 Nye Avenue Irvington, NJ 07111

View Parent Flyer | View BOE Staff Flyer

Class of 2020 Rain Tribute by Our Security Staff

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University Middle Extended Learning Program 2020

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2020 Coronavirus Fact Sheet

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Whitsons Welcome Back to School Parent Newsletter 2019-2020

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University Middle School Parent Involvement Policy

University Middle School Principal: Andrea Tucker 973-399-6879  Ext 1608
University Middle School Dean: Mr. Derrick Edmundson  973-399-6879 Ext 1619
District Family Community Advocate:  Ms. Patricia Wilson  973-399-6800 Ext 1115

Parents will:

  1. Have monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly workshops with University Middle School Counselors/HSSC/Dean that will focus on academics, social development, conflict resolution, and time management skills.
  2. Have the opportunity to attend a presentation on assessment data at the October PTA meeting at their school.
  3. Have the opportunity to participate on the School Leadership Council and School Safety Team.
  4. Receive quarterly progress reports and communication (telephone, e-mail, conferences, letters) from teachers regarding their child’s academic progress.
  5. Have the opportunity to visit their child’s classroom to observe academic performance with 24 hours notice to the school principal.
  6. Have the opportunity to develop academic intervention plans through the Intervention and Referral Services Committee (I & RS).
  7. Receive correspondence (flyers, broadcast calls, newsletters, Twitter) from administration, in a timely manner, about events and activities to expand parental and community participation
  8. Have the opportunity to participate in activities and events, with their children, that are designed to motivate students through our Positive Behavior Support In Schools (PBSIS) program
  9. Have the opportunity to attend parent workshops and become familiar with technology that will enable parents to assist their children
  10. Have the opportunity to meet with administration, when necessary, to discuss matters that will assist in the academic and social achievement of their child.
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University Middle School Visitor Procedures

1. Visitors are not allowed entrance at any exit except for the Main Entrance. This includes all District employees (Maintenance, Supervisors, Directors, Technology Coaches, Consultants, etc)

2. Security guards will greet guests as follows:

a. Good morning/afternoon.
b. Welcome to University Middle School
c. Please place your belongings on the table for a security check.
d. May I see a picture ID?
e. How may I assist you?

3. Visitors will record their name, time and destination in the sign in book located at the security desk in the front lobby.

4. Security Guard will issue a visitor pass with visitor’s name, destination, and date.
The security guard will communicate the following:

a. Please keep your pass displayed throughout your visit.
b. When you leave, please return to the security desk and return your pass to me and sign out.
c. Please report to the Main Office.
d. Enjoy your visit.

5. Security will ensure that the visitor goes directly to the Main Office. (Security will not contact any staff member via radio about a visitor.)

6. Office staff will greet the visitor within 30 seconds of arrival.

a. Good morning/afternoon. How may I help you?

7. If the visitor requests to interact with staff or students, office staff will confirm the visitor’s identity in Power School. *If the visitor is not documented in PowerSchool, the visit or removal of student will not be allowed.

A. Types of Visits

a. Meeting with the teacher – The teacher will confirm the appointment and the teacher
will meet the visitor in the guidance counselor’s conference room or available

b. Visit the class – The teacher will confirm the appointment and office staff will
wait for a security guard to escort the visitor to the requested class. The teacher will call for security to escort the visitor back to the main office or security desk at the conclusion of the class visit.

c. Meet with a student – Office staff will ask about the nature of the visit and call
the teacher to send the student to the office with a pass.

d. Outside agency request to visit or sign out student – ID must be produced and
copied. Contact administrator for permission to proceed.

e. Sign a student out – The office staff will inform the teacher and request that the
student be released to the office for dismissal. The visitor must sign the student
out in the Student Sign Out book.

8. If visitors are ever unaccompanied in the halls, a security guard must ask the

a. Good morning/afternoon. How may I help you?
b. Please wait while I confirm with the office.
c. Security will inquire via walkie talkie and make sure that the visitor remains
with her/him.
d. If the visit is confirmed, the security guard will escort the visitor to her/his
e. If the visit is not confirmed, the security guard will escort the visitor from the

9. When the visitor leaves, he/she must report to the security desk to sign out and return the visitor’s pass.

10. Should there be a fire or any other emergency or drill, the point of contact will accompany the visitor in executing the requirements of the school’s protocol.

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