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09/25 Oasis Free Distribution – Food, Diapers, Feminine Hygiene Products

An Oasis distribution of free diapers, food, and maxi pads will be held at University Middle School at 255 Myrtle Avenue on Friday, September 25th from 4-5 pm.  You must provide your child’s birth certificate and face masks must be worn.

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New Distance Learning Portal for Parents and Students

For the 2020-2021 school year, Irvington Public Schools has launched its new Distance Learning Portal to help better equip parents and students for full-time remote learning. This resource-driven site provides videos, toolkits, and downloads for students and families. Users will find a variety of helpful information such as:

  • 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan
  • K-12 Distance Learning Schedules
  • Getting started with using: A Chromebook, Google Meet, Google Classroom
  • Logging your student into Clever
  • Accessing student grades and attendance
  • Resources for special needs families
  • Additional technology resources and online student activities

To visit the Parent and Student Distance Learning Portal please click here.

Welcome Thurgood Marshall School To The 2020-2021 School Year

Stacey LoveWelcome to the home page of Thurgood Marshall School! We are a premiere Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 school with a strong sense of pride, school spirit and community. We are committed to providing our culturally diverse future leaders with the highest quality educational experience possible, even in a virtual arena. At Thurgood, scholars learn to become the architects of their futures and they are guided by a network of parents, teachers, administrators and other valuable staff members. Our partnership provides a supportive and safe learning environment for all scholars.

Thank you in advance for your trust and support during our 2020-2021 school year. Help us strengthen your child by joining our PTA and sharing your awesome ideas that will propel us to greatness. All PTA meetings will be held virtually until we can safely meet in the building. The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) enables parents to become an integral part of their children’s education in collaboration with teachers and other community stakeholders. We believe that no school can truly be successful unless all parents are seen as valued and essential components in the educational process of our scholars.

The instructional and support staff members are here to create a positive and safe online learning experience for your child(ren). In conjunction with providing an amazing experience for each scholar, we will focus on mastering the standards in the areas of greatest need, English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Our teachers are prepared to implement many new strategies to differentiate the instruction for all of our scholars’ needs. Our teachers have been working hard in preparing their online lessons that promise to make for an exciting and productive year at Thurgood Marshall.

We are a community of educators who believe the best interest of our scholars comes first. Staff and parents work together to benefit our scholars in academic achievement. Teachers refine their lessons to enhance their instruction in order to raise the level of academic achievement. Teachers incorporate a balance of whole class, small group, and individual instruction to differentiate and best meet the needs of all scholars. To meet this goal, we prepare our scholars to become innovative learners and resourceful problem solvers equipped with the skills needed to succeed in a competitive global society. As a conglomerate of scholars, parents and educators, we seek to provide our scholars with an educational environment that is enriched, safe, stable and productive. Our goal is to maintain an instructional setting that stimulates curiosity and sensitizes scholars to the world they live in. To achieve these objectives, there are many shared opportunities in all aspects of the teaching/learning process. All the members of our educational community share an important role in providing our scholars with programs and services that will encourage and enrich their love of learning.

When you enter our building, we want you to feel as if you are a part of our family. We embrace the challenge of providing a world-class, high quality education to our scholars. The team at Thurgood Marshall School is dedicated to providing a respectful, safe, and multicultural environment that will foster passionate, lifelong, and self-directed learners. Our teachers go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. We recognize that our scholars need learning experiences that engage them deeply and let them progress at a pace that meet their individual needs and help them master the skills for today and tomorrow. It is our belief that when our

children are met with such learning experiences, they become successful adults who are able to explore their global citizenship via education.

Scholastic achievement, academic success, and social development are cultivated and fostered through authentic and meaningful educational experiences at Thurgood Marshall School. We offer a print-rich, language and literature based curriculum heavily using technology to inspire our scholars towards academic achievement and support a love of learning. We want our scholars to understand that learning is a lifelong process that starts in the classroom but can be taken wherever they go.

The team at Thurgood Marshall School celebrates diversity infused with creativity, recognizing the uniqueness of each scholar. Scholars are encouraged to actively participate in all aspects of school life such as Elementary Honor Society, Safety Patrol, after school tutorials, Scholar of the Month, Scholar of the Year, Student Council, basketball team, Cheerleaders, Girl Scouts, community sponsored activities, and performing arts programs.

Parental involvement is integral to a scholar’s success. Thurgood Marshall prides itself on greater, effective communication with parents and the community through the efforts of the Parent Coordinator, Cindy Clark. The Parent Coordinator who works with scholars, teachers, parents, and administrators by implementing programs like the Backpack program, Kids Closet Program, and the Community Food Bank of Hillside. These programs provide food, school supplies, and various other family assistance. Furthermore, open communication is encouraged with monthly Positive Parent Conversations.

We believe that respect and understanding grow when children of differing abilities and cultures play and learn together. Our school has Inclusion classes in each grade level for scholars who require additional educational support. We provide interventions such as speech, occupational and physical therapies. Our Autistic Program, servicing scholars from grades K-5, is so outstanding that we are now up to six classrooms. In the course of Autism Awareness Month, our school celebrates with the Light it Up Blue Campaign, an Autism Awareness Symposium assembly to raise Autism Awareness in the greater community. During the summer, students may attend the extended year summer program for our scholars with special needs.

With continued cooperation and commitment of all parents, families, and staff, Thurgood Marshall School will succeed in giving our community’s future leaders a rewarding and successful educational experience.

I am asking that you partner with us in increasing the academic progress of your child by doing the following:

  1. Please make sure that your child has an area free from distractions
  2. Limit the amount of television viewing and video game playing each day.
  3. Make sure that your child is well rested by having a set bedtime every evening.
  4. Meet with teachers regularly to learn about your child’s needs and strengths.
  5. Reinforce the expectation that your child reports to his/her teacher’s google classroom ready to learn, ready to follow school rules, respects his/her fellow scholars and the adults in charge, and is a productive member in the Thurgood Marshall learning community.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. It is my pleasure to work with you to serve the best interest of your child.
973-399-6800 x2202

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Full Day Child Care Program For Parents and Staff Members

Irvington Parents and Staff  Your virtual Learning Worries Are Over

Why worry about childcare when CHRISTIAN PENTECOSTAL CHILDCARE PROGRAM can handle that for you?



PRE-K to 8TH GRADE Includes:


RATES AS LOW AS $80 Per Week

(Next to Vernon Avenue School) 36 Mt. Vernon Irvington, NJ 07111


For more Information Call (973) 399-0004 or E-mail: christianpentecostalafterschool@
Make an appointment to register your child today! To register online visit our website:
613-615 Nye Avenue Irvington, NJ 07111

View Parent Flyer | View BOE Staff Flyer

Thurgood Marshall School Parental Involvement Policy

Thurgood Marshall Principal: Ms. Stacey Love
Thurgood Marshall Parent Coordinator: Cindy Clark  973-399-6800 Ext 2219
District Family Community Advocate:  Ms. Patricia Wilson  973-399-6800 Ext 1115

Parents will:

  1. Be encouraged to attend school wide events including conferences, assemblies, concerts, PTA meetings, and Bring Your Parent to School Day.
  2. Be accountable for their child’s academic performance.
  3. Actively participate in their child’s education on a daily basis.
  4. Have monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly workshops with Parent Coordinator that will focus on academics, social development, conflict resolution, and time management skills.
  5. Have the opportunity to attend a presentation on assessment data at the first PTA meeting of the school year.
  6. Establish effective and meaningful partnerships with their child’s school by participating in the decision making process at the school, by having the opportunity to participate on the School Leadership Council and School Safety Team.
  7. Receive quarterly progress reports and communication (telephone, e-mail, conferences, and letters) from teachers regarding their child’s academic progress.
  8. Communicate with their child’s teacher and stay abreast of his or her academic, social and emotional development in school.
  9. Have the opportunity to visit their child’s classroom to observe academic performance with 24 hours’ notice to the school principal.
  10. Have the opportunity to help develop academic intervention plans through the Intervention and Referral Services Committee (I & RS).
  11. Be provided with a book give away sponsored by Reading is Fundamental (RIF) twice a year to add to home-library, to foster reading at home.
  12. Have the opportunity to serve as parent volunteers in various areas of need throughout 2019- 2020 school year.
  13. Receive information related to the school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities in an understandable and uniform format, including alternative formats upon request, and, if possible, in Spanish, French and Creole.
  14. Receive training for the Parent Portal via Power School in order to monitor the academic progress of their child and communicate more effectively with staff members.
  15. Have the opportunity to meet with the Superintendent of Irvington Public Schools at the Superintendent’s quarterly forums.


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Class of 2020 Rain Tribute by Our Security Staff

Trying to view this video while on the district network?

1. Please click the following button:

2. Refresh THIS page to view the video.

Click here for PDF directions for viewing videos within the Irvington Public School district network.

Thurgood Marshall Extended Learning Program 2020

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2020 Coronavirus Fact Sheet

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Whitsons Welcome Back to School Parent Newsletter 2019-2020

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TMS HIB Procedures

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