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09/25 Oasis Free Distribution – Food, Diapers, Feminine Hygiene Products

An Oasis distribution of free diapers, food, and maxi pads will be held at University Middle School at 255 Myrtle Avenue on Friday, September 25th from 4-5 pm.  You must provide your child’s birth certificate and face masks must be worn.

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New Distance Learning Portal for Parents and Students

For the 2020-2021 school year, Irvington Public Schools has launched its new Distance Learning Portal to help better equip parents and students for full-time remote learning. This resource-driven site provides videos, toolkits, and downloads for students and families. Users will find a variety of helpful information such as:

  • 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan
  • K-12 Distance Learning Schedules
  • Getting started with using: A Chromebook, Google Meet, Google Classroom
  • Logging your student into Clever
  • Accessing student grades and attendance
  • Resources for special needs families
  • Additional technology resources and online student activities

To visit the Parent and Student Distance Learning Portal please click here.

Full Day Child Care Program For Parents and Staff Members

Irvington Parents and Staff  Your virtual Learning Worries Are Over

Why worry about childcare when CHRISTIAN PENTECOSTAL CHILDCARE PROGRAM can handle that for you?



PRE-K to 8TH GRADE Includes:


RATES AS LOW AS $80 Per Week

(Next to Vernon Avenue School) 36 Mt. Vernon Irvington, NJ 07111


For more Information Call (973) 399-0004 or E-mail: christianpentecostalafterschool@
Make an appointment to register your child today! To register online visit our website:
613-615 Nye Avenue Irvington, NJ 07111

View Parent Flyer | View BOE Staff Flyer

Welcome Berkeley Terrace To The 2020-2021 School Year

“Unleash Your Superpower: Make your Dream a Reality”

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

Portrait of Sean EvansWelcome to the Berkeley Terrace Elementary School, where we believe in unleashing the superpower in every student to make their dreams a reality.  This past school year has been super challenging with the onset of a global pandemic, virtual classes, and heighted concerns for the health and safety of our loved ones, but as a community we rose to the occasion.   We take this time to salute our first responders; many of them are parents of our beloved Berkeley students.

Despite these challenges, as a school, we forged ahead with our district mantra of building our community, one student at a time. Teachers increased their technological abilities, parents devoted time to push their children forward into a new virtual environment, and students unleashed their superpower to learn despite all of the distractions around them. We are proud of the successes that were made, but now it’s time to soar to new heights!

In our school, we are working together every day to build the hopes and expand the dreams of our students. We believe that our students are the future architects, engineers, inventors, and leaders of the next age in human development. Our job as educators is to assist and equip them to reach their highest capacity as contributors to the advancement of the whole human race. Our greatest desire is to see their best dreams become a reality! Even though it seems impossible, we are determined to stay the course until the task is done.

It is my distinct privilege and solemn duty to serve this great diverse community of learners as principal. My goals are clear, and although listed in an order, not one goal supersedes the other. Firstly, to inspire, motivate, and serve my illustrious staff so they in turn cultivate the same or more in our students. Secondly, to champion the cause of providing a thorough and efficient education to our children that adequately prepares them for college, career, and the real world.  Thirdly, to support my families with the care, compassion, and empathy that derives from a passionate and devoted servant leader.

Thanks to the sweat, toil, and dedication of our caring and skilled staff, Berkeley Terrace Elementary School remains a beacon of educational light in this historic neighborhood.  We are a robust academic community where our scholars are encouraged daily to achieve new academic heights. We are grateful for an active group of parents that partner with our staff to provide a quality education that exemplifies high expectations, rigorous lessons, and outstanding achievement for our 400 students.   

At Berkeley Terrace Elementary School, we provide our scholars with 21st Century skills and competencies in both academics and the arts.  We are uncompromising in our focus on rigor and student engagement in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Fine Arts, and World Language.  Our determination is to create self-directed learners who are exposed to diverse experiences, engaged in the optimized use of technology, and coached by caring adults to maximize their potential.

As we start this year in a virtual environment, we are determined to assist our families and communities to strengthen each scholar’s moral fiber, engage their right inner moral compass, and instill a sense of community.  We endeavor to establish tenets of good conduct and character, and promote positive self-esteem and awareness through the implementation of engaging lessons, positive classroom interactions, and social-emotional learning.  Together every stakeholder working diligently will be able to reach our goal!

“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”  – Colin Powell

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” –  John C. Maxwell

Let’s Get the Job Done,

Sean Evans,                                                                                                                                                                                  Principal

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Berkeley Terrace Parent Involvement Policy

Berkeley Terrace Principal: Mr. Sean Evans 973-399-6850
Berkeley Terrace Parent Coordinator: Jennifer Parris  973-399-6800 Ext: 2304
District Family Community Advocate:  Ms. Patricia Wilson  973-399-6800 Ext: 1115

Parents will:

  1. Have monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly workshops with Parent Coordinator that will focus on academics, social development, conflict resolution, and time management skills.
  2. Have the opportunity to attend a presentation on assessment data at the October/November PTA meeting at our school.
  3. Have the opportunity to participate on the School Leadership Council and School Safety Team.
  4. Receive quarterly progress reports and communication (telephone, e-mail, conferences, Twitter, and letters) from teachers regarding their child’s academic progress.
  5. Have the opportunity to visit their child’s classroom to observe academic performance with 24 hour notice to the school principal.
  6. Have the opportunity to develop academic intervention plans through the Intervention and Referral Services Committee (I & RS).
  7. Have the opportunity to receive the Parental Involvement Policy in a language they can understand, such as Spanish.
  8. Have the opportunity to receive training, user name and password for the parent portal in order to monitor the academic progress of their children.
  9. Have notification of any updates to the Parental Involvement Policy in a timely manner to meet the changing needs of the students, parents, and the school.
  10. Have the opportunity to attend school meetings, which will be held at varied times to encourage participation.  Notification will occur through school memos, school website, automated phone system, monthly school calendar, Channel 34, and Twitter.
  11. Have the opportunity, with assistance from the District Family/Community Advocate and Parent Coordinator, to provide materials and training, such as information regarding the Curriculum Standards and using technology to assist parents to work with their children to improve their academic achievement; and to foster parental involvement through Parental Workshops, Family Nights, Field Day, fundraising, English Learning Classes and PTA meetings.
  12. Have the opportunity to be recognized as Parent of the Month.
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Class of 2020 Rain Tribute by Our Security Staff

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Berkeley Terrace Extended Learning Program 2020

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2020 Coronavirus Fact Sheet

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Whitsons Welcome Back to School Parent Newsletter 2019-2020

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