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Our PTA Meetings

October 18, November 15
December 20, January 17

February 28, March 21
April 25, May 16, June 13

Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month. In the event that the school district is closed, the meetings will then be held the following Tuesday. All meetings will be held in the cafetorium from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM. Please be advised that meetings may be cancelled or postponed in the event of inclement weather. 

16-17 Parental Rights Policy / NCLB Mandate

September 9th, 2016|0 Comments

PARENTAL RIGHTS POLICY / NCLB MANDATE – Parental involvement is a key ingredient in the success of our students. As such, it is of paramount importance that as the parents/guardians you […]

Student Code Of Conduct

July 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT  The information in the Irvington Public Schools Student Code of Conduct may be updated during the course of the school year. The […]

Acceptable Use of Computer Network/Computers

August 10th, 2015|0 Comments

ACCEPTABLE USE OF COMPUTER NETWORK/COMPUTERS  The Board of Education recognizes that as telecommunications and other new technologies shift the manner in which information is accessed, communicated […]

Harassment, Intimidation, And Bullying

August 10th, 2015|0 Comments

HARASSMENT, INTIMIDATION, AND BULLYING  The Board of Education prohibits acts of harassment, intimidation, or bullying of a pupil. A safe and civil environment in school is […]

16-17 School-Parent Compact

August 10th, 2015|0 Comments

SCHOOL-PARENT COMPACT  Schools receiving Title I ,Part A funds are required to have a written School-Parent compact. The compact will outline how parents ,students, and staff […]

Welcome to Mount Vernon Avenue Elementary School!

With student learning as our primary goal, we are resolved in ensuring that our scholars are the recipients of a quality education in an inclusive, safe and nurturing school environment. Our talented faculty and staff are prepared, dedicated, supportive and steadfast in preparing our scholars for college and careers while also shaping their socio-emotional development. Scholars at Mt. Vernon Avenue are provided with rich, rigorous and relevant learning experiences, employing research-based instructional strategies with curricular resources aligned to the Common Core State Standards. We celebrate and recognize the diversity that exists in our learning community with regard to cultures, learning styles and life experiences. As such, we provide transferable life skills and instruction that is differentiated, fosters high student engagement, prepares students to be problem-solvers, critical thinkers and confident learners.

Technology is infused in all aspects of our curriculum as students interact with Smart Boards, Google Chromebooks, and instructional software present in our core curricular programs. This year we will implement Google Apps for Education and Edmodo. Mt. Vernon Avenue is a proud participant in the New Jersey Future Ready Grant with the Caldwell-West Caldwell School District. This collaborative project aims to increase digital competence for both students and staff through expanded exposure and experience with digital learning environments, the integration of digital instruction into lesson design, digital distance and expeditionary learning, as well as preparedness for PARCC assessment readiness. Scholars will gain competence and digital proficiency through expanded experiences with online learning platforms and through the production of technology based projects, and student publications using a blogging-based platform.

Mt. Vernon Avenue Elementary School addresses the whole child, offering scholars a unique opportunity to play a larger role in the school community, forming stronger bonds with teachers, staff and their peers. Research has shown that structured extracurricular activities support academic achievement, high attendance rates, positive behavior and identity development. Scholars can participate in the National Elementary Honor Society, Student Council, Newsletter Club, Digital Learning Club, School Safety Patrol, Chess Club, Literacy Academy and/or Eagles Academy.

This year, we are introducing Morning Convocation. At the start of the school day, the entire student body will gather together to set the tone for learning and behavior with a message about character, scholar and staff recognition and deliver the morning announcements. Best stated by my colleague Dr. W. Jackson, “Morning Convocation energizes and focuses the entire school community on achieving their full academic and social potential throughout the day.” Morning Convocation will support our collective goal of cultivating a school culture and climate Where Scholars Learn to SOAR! All Mt. Vernon Avenue stakeholders will purposefully design learning experiences ensuring that all scholars have opportunities for Success, will take Ownership for their learning and actions, will maintain a positive outlook and Attitude in all academic and social interactions and will demonstrate Respect for each other as well as the learning process.

Only by working together, will we ensure the success of our children. We highly encourage parents and guardians to be active participants in their child’s education. We urge parents/guardians to partner with us by serving on the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), attend parent workshops provided by the Parent Coordinator, volunteer and support fundraising events and programs.

As the Interim Principal, student success is pivotal to my work. My days will be guided by focused attention on instruction, curriculum implementation, student mastery of learning objectives, school culture and climate and parent voice. I will remain visible, and my actions will speak to the expectations I have for my instructional team and support staff. It is through these intentional and reflective practices that Mt. Vernon Avenue Elementary School will prove to be a learning community that values collaboration, lifelong learning, and collective responsibility, evidenced by student achievement.

It’s Possible… Es posible… C’est possible

Nicole Gilmore
Interim Principal