Dear Irvington Public Schools Community,

First, let me thank you for your support and understanding, as we as a community continue to respond to the unexpected second wave of COVID-19. I am very proud of the way our students, parents, employees, and community leaders continue to handle the demands related to protecting everyone, as we educate our students during these unprecedented times.

There are ongoing concerns and questions related to how schools plan to reopen in the midst of the second wave of COVID-19. Be assured, we have been working diligently on reopening our schools as normal (traditional) with enhanced safety and cleaning procedures. However, we cannot ignore the second wave of COVID-19. Hence, we remain proactive and ready to make decisions that will best serve the educational needs of our students. We will continue to gather input from State Department of Health, NJDOE, community, employees, and public health professionals to shape our daily decision on when schools will return to normal. Now, we are increasing safety procedures, as one of the strategies taken at every school in the district to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Therefore, in consultation with stakeholders and the Board of Education, and due to an uptick in local COVID- 19 cases, we will keep our schools closed to teachers until March 29th, 2021 and students until April 19th, 2021. Please note that these dates may change, as we stay in communication and consultation with the New Jersey Department of Health.

We implore you to keep visiting the District website at for updates on reopening. In addition, the following resources are available on the District website:

Thank you for your continued support and positivity, as we strive to build our community, one student at a time!

Serving you,

Dr. April Vauss
Superintendent of Schools