Our Program

The Intellectually Gifted Program is designed as a rigorous extension of the standards-based curriculum used throughout the District. It is designed to provide students with opportunities to extend their thinking, develop their character, and enhance their leadership abilities.

The activities in the IG program are currently provided to students in grades 1-8 as a pullout service delivery model. During the weekly period of instruction, students engage in project-based learning that is captured through adopted units of study. Field trips are a part of the program and are directly connected to their units of study. 

Mission and Goals

The IG program is provided to students who consistently perform above grade level and demonstrate a need for additional rigorous academic differentiation.

As a result of offering an Intellectually Gifted Resource Room, as well as differentiated curriculum and personalized support, gifted students have the opportunity to achieve district goals at the level commensurate with their talents. They will also be challenged to apply their knowledge and skills in complex and advanced ways so that they can continue to develop academically. If provided with the challenge and support that is needed, these students will become highly productive citizens who contribute in significant ways to the well-being of the broader community.


  • To identify students in grades K-8 who are intellectually gifted using the criteria established by the District and approved by the Board of Education.
  • To develop the students’ capacities to become self-directed, to be confident in their abilities to access and process information, and to create and communicate their findings as they produce advanced-level products.
  • To enhance and refine the abstract and complex thinking and reasoning of students through more creative and critical thinking as they reflect and refine their own thinking processes.
  • To provide students with multiple opportunities to participate in learning experiences using content which are differentiated in depth, complexity and range through the use of a variety of strategies.