What are the fees?

All fees for the Full Day/Full Year program are paid through the Irvington Board of Education.

What is the role of the Irvington Board of Education?

The Irvington Board of Education contracts with your preschool to provide a “quality preschool program. To that aim the board is responsible for all aspects of program implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

The Board assigns one (1) Early Childhood Master Teacher for every twenty (20) classrooms. These qualified professionals ensure that the Irvington Public Schools Program Requirements, the Department of Education Early Childhood Program Expectations: Standards of Quality, and the Department of Human Services, licensing rules and regulations are implemented. The Master Teachers also provide professional development to the staff in each center.

The Irvington Public Schools provide a full time Nurse, Health and Social Services Worker, a part-time medical doctor and dentist, a Student Assistance Counselor, Bilingual/World Language Teachers, and other consultants.

What about attendance and before / after care programs?


We encourage all of our students to attend school everyday. However, we understand that there are times when they will not be able to attend. For more information about our Attendance Policies, please see Attendance.
Before & Aftercare Programs:

Before and after care through our wrap around service is offered at each of our preschool locations.

What will my child learn?

Children learn through play and to that aim your child will be provided a variety of developmentally appropriate learning opportunities.

A variety and materials, toys, books, and equipment will be present.

The environment will be “print rich” full of labels, books and pictures.

There will be a variety and number of objects and items to manipulate and use to develop math concepts.

Children will initiate, plan, do and recall activities while learning problem solving, conflict resolution, and decision – making.

What other services are offered?

A. Each preschool provider program offers:

A Family Worker for every forty (45) children enrolled. The Family Worker is an advocate for the child and the family and can assist you with any number of your social services and health needs.
A Preschool Intervention and Referral Team is established to assist children and families in making adjustments to the preschool experience.
There is a referral process for those students who may need special services due to physical, emotional, or learning difficulties.

B. There are four self-contained preschool special education classes and several preschool inclusion classes in the district. These provide services for children with special needs.

What if I am not happy with the level of services or if I have concerns?

If for some reason you have concerns about the program, you can call the Irvington Public Schools, Office of Early Childhood Department for assistance: (973) 399-3942 Ext 1512.

In cases of suspected child abuse (physical or verbal) at a center, you should contact DCPP Institutional Abuse at: 973-523-6090 or DCPP at 973-648-4200.

What happens if I want my child to attend a different school?

From time to time a parent finds that it is necessary to transfer a child to another school. A parent must come to the Irvington Public Schools Early Childhood Office to request an official transfer. Failure to follow this procedure may result in a break in continuity in your child’s preschool experience.

Does the school have field trips and other programs?

Yes – Field trips are part of the program curriculum and each school should provide at least 2-4 field trips each year free of charge.

How are meals supplied?

Each school has a breakfast, lunch and snack program. Meals are free or reduced price for those who qualify.

Should I expect a progress report?

Yes – In the fall a developmental screen is completed and teachers regularly note a child’s strengths. Two to three Progress Reports should be provided.

A Fall and Spring assessment is conducted to determine how your child has progressed developmentally. Further assessment may occur if the educational team feels that it is necessary.




Health Services:

We will provide or assure access to comprehensive health services, which include abroad range of medical, dental, mental health, and nutritional services to preschoolchildren, including handicapped children, to assist in the child’s development.

We provide medical and dental care free of charge; including those students not covered by health insurance.

Informed Consent:

Prior, informed, written parental consent must be obtained, to provide any health (medical, dental, nutrition, or mental health) services to children. Parents shall betold the nature of all health services data to be collected, the uses for the data,and which uses will be restricted to stated purposes.

Emergencies and Injuries:

In case of emergency or injury to the student during the school day, school personnel will give first aid treatment. The parent/guardian shall be contacted as soon as possible to provide subsequent care. School personnel are authorized to provide First Aid Treatment Only. An Incident Report must be forwarded to the Early Childhood Office Nurse/Master Teacher immediately.