Irvington’s Blue Knights Academy offers an alternative education program for students of the Irvington Public Schools. This program addresses the district’s commitment to developing the learning potential of every student to their fullest extent. With that commitment comes the realization that one system of education does not always work for all students. The Blue Knights Academy was established to meet the needs of those students who, for a variety of reasons, have difficulty within, or have rejected, the traditional school program.

The Blue Knights Academy program stresses a strong college preparatory course of study combined with an equally strong humanistic approach in a setting which provides the means to enable students to become successful and contributing members of society. Some students enter Blue Knights Academy in their freshman year following a referral by their middle school administrators. Other students are recommended to the program, depending on their age, by high school administrators as a means to prevent dropout and promote academic success. The curriculum offered in the Blue Knights Academy is the same as the high school and meet State requirements for graduation. Courses in English, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science are taught by a team of teachers dedicated to the goals of the program. Smaller class sizes, a concentrated time period, a team teaching approach, and a very strong partnership between the school and the home characterize Irvington’s Blue Knights Academy Program. Additionally, community partnerships with local, regional and national organizations such as the Newark Community Health Center and the United Way also serve to provide additional support services for students and parents of Blue Knights Academy.

In addition to courses offered in a conventional classroom setting, the Irvington Blue Knights Academy program offers a wide variety of on-line courses designed to provide students with the opportunity to meet graduation requirements through expanded curriculum offerings.

Online credit recovery courses are also available to afford students the ability to earn credit for courses previously taken, yet not successfully completed. Credit recovery courses allow for acceleration of program requirements, not typically available through traditional high school programs. This allows students who are over-age and under-credited to catch up and possibly graduate within their correct cohort. It is possible.

The educational growth and development of Blue Knights Students are my highest priority. The mission is to educate, motivate and empower each student to achieve academic excellence and develop self-confidence. To that end I, along with my staff will ensure each student will be prepared to achieve that success.

It is possible!

Hubert Ato-Bakari Chase