University Elementary School’s Visitors’ Procedures

    1. Visitors are not allowed entrance at any exit except for the Main Entrance located at 1 University Place; this includes all District employees (Maintenance, Supervisors, Directors, Technology Coaches, Consultants, etc.)
    2. Visitors must ring the school bell and advise security and/or office staff of the nature of their visit.
    3. Upon entry, a security guard will greet the visitor and request a photo ID.
    4. Visitors will record their name, time, and destination in the visitor’s sign-in book located at the Security Desk.
    5. Visitors will complete a Visitor’s Pass which must be worn for the duration of the visitor’s visit.
    6. Visitors will report to the Main Office where an office staff member will assist.

    Types of visits:

    Meeting with Staff – The staff member will confirm the appointment and will meet the visitor in the specified location.

    Class Visit– The scholar leader will confirm the appointment and office staff will wait for a security guard to escort the visitor to the requested class. The scholar leader will request that security escort the visitor back to the Main Office or Security Desk at the conclusion of the class visit. Surprise scholar visits require 24-hour permission from the Principal.

    Scholar Meetings –Office staff will inquire about the nature of the visit and call the scholar leader to send the scholar to the Main Office with a pass.

    Outside Agency Meeting – ID must be produced and copied by Main Office staff. Contact the Principal for permission to proceed.

    Early Dismissal – The Main Office staff will confirm the visitor, inform the scholar leader, and request security to escort the scholar to the Main Office for dismissal. The visitor must sign the scholar out in the Student Sign Out Book.

    Upon exiting, visitors must report to the Security Desk to sign out and discard the Visitor’s Pass.

    Should there be a fire or any other emergency or drill, the point of contact will accompany the visitor in following the school’s protocol.

    There will be no visitor conferences during instructional time; visitors should request scholar leaders’ available times.

    At dismissal, 3:05 PM, all remaining scholars, those not picked up in a timely manner, will be escorted to the Cafeteria by their scholar leader and/or designee. Parents/guardians or designated persons who arrive late must report to the Security Desk where it will be arranged for the scholar to be escorted to the lobby.

rev 23-24