2019-2020 UES PTA

Our PTA Meetings

  • *September 26, 2019, Thursday
  • *October 16, 2019, Wednesday
  • November 19, 2019
  • December 17, 2019
  • January 21, 2020
  • *February 19, 2020, Wednesday
  • March 17, 2020
  • April 21, 2020
  • May 19, 2020
  • June 16, 2020

PTA meetings will be held every 3rd Tuesday , unless indicated*, from 6 pm – 7 pm in the cafeteria. Meetings will be canceled in the event of inclement weather.

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Narrative UES

Welcome to University Elementary School!

We are excited to lead our scholars under the guidance of dynamic instructors and support staff, talented scholars and supportive parents. At University Elementary School, our educational community strives to provide our scholars with an environment that is academically rich, implements character building opportunities, and engages scholars in courses that are aligned with New Jersey Student Learning Standards in a differentiated environment. Our goal is to instill in scholars the University Elementary School’s HAWKS expectations to be Helpers, Achievers, Worthy, Kind and Scholars.

University Elementary School is housed on the first three levels in the Irvington School District’s Board of Education facility and is one of eight elementary schools located in Irvington Township. University Elementary School is comprised of over 500 Kindergarten through 5th grade scholars who receive instruction from a team of highly qualified instructors who teach scholars using research based strategies that will prepare scholars for a college and career in a 21st century global environment.

At University Elementary School, our first step to preparing our scholars for college and careers is to provide them with instruction that will ensure that scholars meet English Language Arts and mathematics requirements that will lead to graduation from high school. University Elementary School’s English Language Arts and Mathematics programs effectively support these outcomes.

The English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum at University Elementary School is aligned with NJ Student Learning Standards and focuses on the areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Grammar.

Our ELA program integrates Social Studies, Science, and Technical subjects. Additionally, our staff instructs our scholars by utilizing a wide range of informational and narrative genres in a Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop environment. Our scholars are also enrolled in Reading Wonders classes in a differentiated and balanced literacy environment that address the individual learning needs of scholars. It is imperative that all scholars are able to read and write on level; therefore, we offer scholars Read 180 classes, a blended learning program that accelerates learning for struggling readers by merging the latest research in brain science, adaptive technology. Read 180 classes are taught after school by a trained team of teachers. In addition to after school Read 180 classes, an Enrichment Program is offered to supplement instruction provided during after school hours. English Language Learning scholars are supported by our English as a Second Language (ESL) program, which adheres to the guidelines and standards of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. The lessons are based on English Language Development (ELD) Standards that are correlated to NJ Student Learning Standards. All of our highly qualified instructors are well versed in SIOP, Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol. During our implementation of SIOP, instructors teach lessons that support our English language learners to become proficient in speaking, reading and writing in English.

University Elementary School continues to move forward in providing an educational experience in Mathematics, Science and Technology that grooms our scholars for successful roles in society.

In the area of Science, Progressive Science Initiative (PSI) is implemented. PSI is a web-based program that supports scholars’ achievements in the sciences. This program is student-centered using a constructivism approach. Collaboration and problem solving are essential components of this model. Through this approach, our scholars gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as new knowledge is attained.

Our Mathematics program is taught in a differentiated environment and addresses instruction and learning using concrete, pictorial, and abstract approaches which cater to the various learning styles of our scholars. Students use manipulatives, technology and problem solving techniques that prepare them for 21st-century requirements and state assessments.

Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum and can be found embedded in our library media arts program, math, English Language Arts, science, and social studies. Every class has a Smart Board or Clear Touch Board and each grade level class has access to laptops to support instruction and learning. University Elementary School also has a dedicated computer lab that houses desktop computers and Clear Touch board for focused technology practice and instruction.

Teachers and scholars prepare throughout the year to ensure successful outcomes on all assessments. In addition to regularly scheduled academic skills assessments that communicate scholars’ progress, scholars are also administered the annual PARCC assessment which tests the skills of 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade scholars as it relates to English Language Arts and mathematics and the NJ ASK assessment which tests our 4th-grade scholar’s science skills.

Committed to educating the whole child, University Elementary School offers extra-curricular activities that serve to enhance interpersonal skills, personal growth, leadership, and decision-making skills through its clubs and organizations. In these endeavors, HAWKS are given opportunities to become active and productive members of the world community.

Our Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts programs are led by our school’s Parent Coordinator and volunteer parents. Our scouts are trained to adhere to scouts’ law and pledges which are aligned with the values of HAWKS’ expectations. Our scouts are actively involved in community service projects that include providing food and clothing to those in need.

Our National Elementary Honor Society is comprised of 4th and 5th-grade scholars who have an average in all major subjects and A’s or B’s in all other subjects and adhere to the scholarship, leadership, service, and character. University Elementary School also has rising 3rd-grade scholars who shadow inducted Honor Society members.

Student Council Members are the voice for all HAWKS. Members meet to review the concerns of their peers, raise monies to support Student Council Members’ programs, and discuss ideas presented to the principal.

University Elementary School is home to one of four Intellectually Gifted programs in the Irvington School District and serves scholars in grades 1 through 5. Our Intellectually Gifted Program is housed in our IG Resource room and lead by a highly-qualified teacher. The IG program serves scholars whose cognitive abilities require special education to meet their unique needs.

Our scholars contribute to the culture and climate of University Elementary School by serving as HAWKS Cheerleaders. Cheerleaders teach their peers school songs, school cheers, and encourage scholars to get excited about taking State exams such as PARCC during school rallies. Safety Patrol members support scholars and teachers in University Elementary School’s efforts to ensure that school community members are safe and secure.

A safe and healthy learning environment is necessary for scholars to learn and achieve academic success and many programs are established to serve them. University Elementary School’s Guidance Counselor, Health and Social Services Coordinator, and Nurse are on staff to assist with the emotional, social, and physical well-being of our scholars. This includes our Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying (HIB) Specialist who serves scholars in need of support. Our School Safety Team meets monthly to review HIB data to develop, foster, and maintain a positive school climate by focusing on the ongoing, systemic processes and practices in the school and to address school climate issues.

The Positive Behavior Support program lends itself to the promotion of a safe learning environment. Our Positive Behavior Support (PBS) team acknowledges scholars who adhere to HAWKS expectations by rewarding them with HAWKS tickets, school store items, school parties, school trips, and more. Our expectations of scholars to Be HAWKS: Helpful, Achievers, Worthy, Kind and Scholars are not only University Elementary School’s expectations, they are also our mantra and play a major role in our scholars’ daily school experience.

The stakeholders of our school’s educational community have a shared vision of high expectations for all scholars and our parents play an integral role in our success. Our parents are members of the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA), School Leadership Council (SLC), Scouts programs and more. Also, parents serve as classroom parents, volunteer, assist with fundraising initiatives and attend our many public programs. These partnerships are essential to our scholars’ academic success.

University Elementary School will continue to strive to meet the needs of our scholars, parents, and the school community by creating an environment that cultivates and challenges every student to be contributing members of their school community. University Elementary School is proud to contribute to the growth of scholars who will serve, support, protect, invent, heal, teach and lead our expanding global community.


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