Principal’s Welcome Message – MAS 2019-2020

Welcome to the new Madison Avenue School, where everyday is a great day for teaching and learning! This is an exciting school year for the community as scholars, parents, teachers and support staff, embark on a new journey within the walls of what will be our new school home. I am honored to be the principal and look forward to providing our scholars with a learning environment that cultivates minds and stimulates hearts. We remain committed to our mission ​at Madison Avenue School of developing every scholar’s academic potential and their ability to be a contributing member of our community both now and in the future.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the entire staff is excited and ready to welcome both returning and new scholars. Our pre-kindergarten to fifth grade diverse population will be expanding to fill our new classrooms. When our scholars walk across the threshold into the “new” Madison Avenue School, they will be greeted with our state of the art facility. Every classroom has been equipped with technology that includes an interactive whiteboard and laptops for each student. Athletics are important for encouraging good physical health, and we are fortunate to have a full size court in our gymnasium. Research has demonstrated that music stimulates brain development, and our music room is well equipped with the instruments and tools to do just that. Not being limited to just music, our visual arts room even has a kiln! Reading will always be fundamental, and thus we use technology to pave the way for the development of literacy skills. Hence, our library has digital access to books. Our playground offers a variety of activities to keep scholars moving. This feature aligns with the new Recess Law, which requires school districts to provide daily recess periods for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Our dedicated teachers and support staff will continue working closely with our scholars to ensure their needs are being met. Small group instruction and student engagement practices will help facilitate these endeavors. Our classroom lessons, aligned with the curriculum, encourage students to think, solve, create, and make connections with the real world. Academics will continue to be the center of our work and teachers play a critical role in improving learning outcomes. In short, our teachers and support staff are well equipped to continue doing a wonderful job with our scholars.

We will continue to recognize scholars for their academics and positive display of behavior. As part of our recognition system, we will include the district’s ten character traits of respect, responsibility, empathy, compassion, attitude, motivation, accountability, persistence, trustworthiness, and integrity. It is our continued goal to foster social and emotional competences that will enhance the learning experiences of our scholars. In addition to the core subjects, our scholars will have opportunities to participate in clubs that will develop their strengths, interests and talents whether in music, athletics, or other areas. A few examples of clubs are Academic Skills and Enrichment, Cheerleading/Step Team, Music, and Basketball.

Making every scholar’s potential a reality is a collaborative effort. At Madison Avenue School, we encourage parents and all other stakeholders to engage in the process of supporting the success of our scholars. We believe it is everyone’s responsibility in the community to empower children with creative, intellectual, and critical thinking skills necessary for them to become academically and socially responsible citizens in the 21st century. Our parent coordinator will assist in this goal by offering workshops throughout the school year that will provide our parents with the tools needed to help their/our children/scholars, be successful.

Consequently, we look forward to partnering with our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in working together to make important decisions that will impact scholars and the school as a whole. ​Although we are set up for great success in our new building, we are bringing with us many notable accomplishments.

During the 2018-2019 school year, ​Madison Avenue School made significant strides in fostering an environment of positive teaching and learning experiences. One of our most notable accomplishment was the removal of our Comprehensive Status. The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) determined that Madison Avenue School, based on success indicators, was no longer in Comprehensive status. This means that Madison Avenue School demonstrated improvement in performance indicators, such as, Academic Achievement, English LanguageProficiency,andChronicAbsenteeism. OurdedicatedteachersandstaffofMadison Avenue School work diligently to achieve new levels of student success in every area of the school community.​ How did we make such great strides you may ask?

First, teachers were able to collaborate and expand their instructional practice with the support our ELA and Math Specialists. Instruction was aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) and the district’s curriculum pacing guides. Literacy development and fostering effective writing skills across all disciplines guided the direction of learning. A new Math series, Envision 2.0 was introduced, as well as a diagnostic tool iReady. Students spent an average of 45 minutes per week in small instructional groups addressing their individual needs. The end of the year iReady results for grades K-5 showed our scholars made progress in closing the achievement gap.

Second, scholars were able to join clubs that peaked their interest including our first and second grade students. After school clubs provided additional opportunities for scholars to boost their academic performance and increase their physical health, while providing a safe structured social environment. In addition, our Intellectually Gifted scholars participated in the annual “Law Day” Mock Trial where a simulated court scenario was conducted. Parents were able to contribute in ways that helped to build relationships and encourage participation. All stakeholders in our students’ success worked diligently to move Madison Avenue School forward. We look forward to continuing the mission of providing a safe environment that gives every scholar the opportunity to continue to develop their academic potential.

We are excited to be starting the upcoming school year in the new Madison Avenue School. Again, I am honored to serve as the principal of Madison Avenue School.

Malikita Wright,

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Annual Parent Workshop – Saturday, June 13, 2020

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