Portrait of Malikita Wright

Welcome to Madison Avenue Elementary School, where “everyday is a great day for teaching and learning”. We understand that a strong academic and social-emotional foundation provides the framework to being a successful citizen in society. It is our mission to develop every child’s academic potential and their ability to be a contributing member to our community both now and in the future. 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Madison Avenue School (MAS) like other school communities became digital “gurus” as we provided instruction in our remote/virtual environment.  Our remote/virtual environment required all stakeholders to make the shift in their practices so that teaching and learning could continue for our scholars. The one to one availability of devices helped keep our scholars abreast of our new norms. Through all the changes, one thing remained, our goal to provide a quality education to scholars.


Ready, Re-Set, Go! This year has been like no other: unprecedented. We have been met with challenges and stretched to new levels of understanding that have provided insight to what is possible for our scholars. Therefore, as we begin this new 2021-2022 school year, I can confidently say, “We are Ready! We are ready to welcome our scholars back to in-person instruction. We plan to return to small group instruction and personalized attention that can only be delivered authentically through in-person interactions.  We are ready to address the learning challenges that have ensued. MAS dedicated teachers and staff have expanded their repertoire of talents and skills to offer the best in teaching and learning. We are prepared to move our scholars forward to meet the demands of the future. 


Re-Set! It has been awhile since teachers, staff and scholars have been together. Re-introducing scholars to the function and operations of school will be one of our goals. We are excited to establish our new norms in technology and enhanced learning experiences. Social-emotional learning (SEL) will play an important role in assisting teachers, staff and scholars making the transition back to school. Through SEL activities, scholars will be able to make responsible decisions, create a framework to achieve their goals, and build positive relationships with others. 


Go! This 2021-2022 school year will be pivotal.  We resolve to continue our mission of teaching and learning by “building our community one student at a time” collaboratively with our parents and community stakeholders. The bar has been raised to bridge the learning gaps; we are ready for the task and set to reach our goals. The threat of the pandemic is still with us. However, we will continue to forge ahead keeping in mind safety first. On behalf of the teachers and staff of MAS, we again welcome you to a new school year. I am honored to serve as the principal of MAS. I look forward to a safe, productive, and exciting school year!

Malikita Wright,