Madison Avenue Elementary School’s Visitors’ Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all visitors must wear a mask, observe six feet social distancing, and submit to a temperature check. It is recommended that you call the school in advance to set up an appointment time.

  1. All visitors must enter through the Main Entrance located on Madison Avenue. This includes all District employees.
  2. Visitors must ring the school bell and wait for security or office staff to ask for the purpose of the visit.
  3. Security guard will greet the visitor and ask for a photo ID.
  4. Visitors will record their name, time, destination in the visitor’s sign-in book located on the security desk.
  5. Visitor will report to the main office window where office staff will assist the visitor.

Types of visits:

Meeting with a teacher – The teacher will confirm the appointment and teacher will meet the visitor in the guidance counselor’s conference room or available office.

Visit the class – The teacher will confirm the appointment and office staff will wait for a security guard to escort the visitor to the requested class. The teacher will call for security to escort the visitor back to the main office or security desk at the conclusion of the class visit. If this is a surprise visit for the student, the visitor must be escorted by an administrator.

Meet with a student – Meet with a student – Office staff will ask about the nature of the visit and call the teacher to send the student to the office with a pass.

Outside agency request to visit or sign out student – ID must be produced and copied. Contact administrator for permission to proceed.

Sign a student out – The office staff will confirm the visitor, inform the teacher, and request security to escort the student to the Main Office for dismissal. The visitor must sign the student out in the Student Sign Out book.

  • When visitors leave, he/she must report to the security desk to sign-out and return the visitor’s pass.
  • Should there be a fire or any other emergency or drill, the point of contact will accompany the visitor in following the school’s protocol.
  • Reminder – There will be no visitor-teacher conference during instructional time. Visitors should request for teachers’ available times.
  • At dismissal time, all students who are not picked up in a timely manner will be escorted to the Cafeteria area by their teachers. Parents/guardians or designated persons who arrive late must report to security at the main entrance where it will be arranged for the student to be brought to the lobby.
  • Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, this policy is subject to change.

rev 22-23