Is My Child’s Development on Track

 It never hurts to check!  If you have any concerns about your baby, toddler or young child’s development, it’s always a good idea to check things out.  Even if you don’t have concerns, it can still be a good idea to get a sense of whether your child’s development is where it should be.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what milestones your child should be reaching when, A developmental screening can put your mind at ease, or alert you that your child may need services that can help. The earlier developmental issues are identified, the better. An early screening can help identify a child that needs to be evaluated further, and can lead to needed services that will support healthy development.  

The screening service is free, and you don’t need insurance!  Any child between the ages of 11 months and five 1/2 years is eligible. Trained staff from Children’s Specialized Hospital conduct the screening, and it only takes about thirty minutes. You do need an appointment (you can choose to do your session by phone or video). Call 908-301-5498, or go to the following link to make an appointment and to learn more!