Portrait of Malikita WrightWelcome to the 2022-2023 school year at Irvington High School, Home of the Blue Knights! I am honored and excited to return as the new principal of Irvington High School (IHS). Some changes have occurred since my previous tenure but the focus on student achievement remains the same. The goal for all students to reach their full academic potential through exposure to a challenging and rigorous curriculum that addresses various learning styles continues to lead the way in providing opportunities for success.

I am eager to work with the new administrative team, teachers, and staff in ensuring that we prepare our students for the future. As a result of the global pandemic, the educational community has developed new ways to grow; at IHS, the structure of our teaching and learning will incorporate these new understandings to best meet the needs of all learners. Technology will continue to play a critical role in our students’ academic journeys. Beyond the rigors of academics, building a positive school culture and climate is paramount to moving IHS forward. Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) along with 21st-century skills will serve as a catalyst in fostering college and career-ready citizens.

There are many ways for our students to make the most of their high school experience. Fall, winter and spring sports offer opportunities for students to build upon their own athletic interest and skills. During the past school year, both boys’ football and girls’ flagball were winning state champions! Their success is a testament to what is possible for our students. In addition, many of our clubs such Robotics, Consumer Bowl, and Forensics to name a few, provide opportunities for students to expand their talents in these areas. We are encouraging our newest members of the IHS family, Class of 2026, to take advantage of all IHS has to offer.

We will continue to gain momentum in this 2022-2023 school year. We resolve to Embracing Diversity, Educating Leaders, and Changing the World by fostering an active partnership with our parents and community stakeholders. The bar has been raised to bridge the learning gaps; we are prepared and committed to the task. The residual impact of the pandemic is still with us. However, we will continue to forge ahead keeping in mind safety first. On behalf of the administrative team, teachers and staff of IHS, we again welcome students and their families to a new school year. I am honored to serve as the principal of IHS. I look forward to a safe, productive, and exciting school year!

Educationally Yours,
Malikita Wright