Parents and Guardians, this year we are all facing unanticipated challenges and we very clearly understand the importance of gathering important data to identify the strengths and challenges of all students who attend our school. As a result, starting on Monday, October 5th, the district will administer the iReady Diagnostic in Reading and Math which is designed to determine each student’s unique learning needs and provide teachers with targeted data to plan and deliver instruction. Given the hybrid model currently in place, the district has scheduled students in grades K-5 to take the iReady Diagnostic at home this year. This Diagnostic is usually given at school, however this year, as a result of COVID-19, students will take the Diagnostic at home. All scholars in grades K-5 will take the iReady Reading and Math Diagnostic during regular school hours. The teachers will advise you of the specific periods and times.  Please be sure to review your  ClassDojo Messages. 

 The teachers have already begun sharing a video to familiarize your children with the Diagnostic Assessment.                            

Role of the Parent/Guardian

  • See that your child goes to bed in a timely manner so that he/she will not be tired or restless on the days of the diagnostic assessment.
  • Please make sure your child arrives to school on time by logging on in a timely manner.
  • Please help by identifying a quiet space for your child to take the test and ensure that technology is working properly. 
  • Motivate your child by explaining how doing their best will help their teachers know how to teach them better. 
  • Support by encouraging your child to stay focused and try their best, but please DO NOT OFFER ANY ASSISTANCE with the answers. We must have an accurate assessment of your child’s abilities and performance.
  • Celebrate your child’s effort once they have completed the Diagnostic. 
  • The Diagnostic will begin on Monday, October 5th, 2020

 Additional notes about the iReady Diagnostic; 

  • The Diagnostic should take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete.
  • This is not an assessment and your child will not be graded on this Diagnostic assessment.
  • The iReady Diagnostic is used strictly to inform personalized instruction for your child and determine their strengths and areas of challenge. 

Why are we administering the iReady Diagnostic? 

  • Teachers must be aware of what each student already knows and what they must learn in order to ensure progress. The iReady Diagnostic can help teachers attain pertinent information for each child, however, an honest and accurate account of their performance can be obtained only if students give it their best effort without anyone else helping with the understanding or answering of questions


How will students gain access to the iReady Diagnostic? 

  • Students will need a computer or chrome book to take the iReady Diagnostic. 
  • Students will log into Clever, click on “iReady” and select “Reading” or “Math” as directed by their teacher. 
  • Click “Start Diagnostic.” 
  • Listen carefully for directions from the teacher.


 Special Message from the Champions for Children.

Our Dear Parent and Guardians, we understand how very difficult it is to watch your child struggle. It is the very same for many of us who are also parents, grandparents, and guardians of children who are engaged in Remote Learning and are also being assessed. We are pleading for your trust and understanding that the best way to help us to effectively meet your child’s individual needs is to allow them the opportunity to demonstrate their learning independently during the Diagnostic.

Thanking you in advance for your anticipated cooperation. Thank you for entrusting us with the educating of your beautiful children. We are astutely aware of our important work and pledge to continue to work assiduously to address the needs of all students and take advantage of every opportunity to provide them with effective and meaningful learning experiences.

Warm Regards

Dr. Deniese Cooper and the Faculty at Grove Street School