District Goals for the 2018-2019 School Year

I. Mission Statement

1. The Irvington Public Schools envision a community of learners dedicated to academic excellence through a combination of critical thinking and life skills, which define the education of the whole child, wherein the major focus of the school system is to improve academic achievement for all students.

II. Core Beliefs

  • Each student is entitled to a quality education that the entire community of invested stakeholders value, support, and enlarge by collaborating with one another.
  • Teacher quality is vital to engaging students in relevant, authentic tasks and improving student achievement.
  • Each student possesses the ability to achieve his or her potential in any learning environment when the adults provide the most appropriate supports for success.
  • The educational environment must be safe, respectful, and guided by skilled administrators who focus on advancing teacher effectiveness and student achievement.
  • Parents and guardians are essential partners in providing students with a high quality education.

III. Purpose

District goals are established to ensure that a plan of action is created, monitored, and successfully implemented to fulfill our mission to provide all students with a quality educational experience that prepares them to be productive members of our ever-changing, global society.

Each year, the Irvington Board of Education develops goals that govern various initiatives, community outreach, and student academic performance outcomes. Annual goals are approved by resolution and serve to provide the Superintendent of Schools with focused priorities. The Superintendent is responsible for demonstrating progress toward achieving the goals.

All staff members of the Irvington Public Schools will work collaboratively to ensure that our students are presented with a rigorous instructional program. Our curricula will be aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. In addition, we will provide resources and materials of high interest from diverse perspectives to serve our student population. Classroom instruction will consist of relevant learning tasks for students that expand their critical thinking skills in order to solve complex, real-life problems.

IV. Roles

The Board has a responsibility to ensure that the District’s goals reflect community values, to establish the necessary policies to achieve the goals, and to communicate with the community about the goals and progress toward them.

The Superintendent is responsible for progress toward the goals, through the management of all staff to achieve clearly stated milestones on an annual basis.

V. Goals

The Irvington Public Schools will promote the academic achievement of all students by challenging each student to perform to his/her maximum ability level.

Objective 1.

student achievement on state standardized tests by meeting the New Jersey Department of Education’s Annual Measurable Objective in English Language Arts.

Objective 2.

Increase student achievement on state standardized tests by meeting the New Jersey Department of Education’s Annual
Measurable Objective in Mathematics.

Objective 3.

Increase the
high school graduation rate by 3% as compared to the 2016-2017 school year by incorporating researched-based College and Career Readiness courses and programs.

2. The Irvington Public Schools will provide students with rigorous instruction and authentic assessments in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) in grades PreK to 12.

Objective 1.

Disaggregate student data on a monthly basis and utilize results to discuss student achievement as it relates to the students’ comprehensive school experience.

Objective 2.

Implement a rigorous, relevant, and standards based curriculum reflecting 21st Century skills across all subjects for all students.

Objective 3.

Provide professional development to staff with a focus on improving student achievement as evidenced by successful implementation documented in walkthrough observations and evaluations.

3. The Irvington Public Schools will effectively partner with community stakeholders to provide on-going feedback on the effectiveness of services to students inside and outside of the classroom.

Objective 1.

By June 2019, conduct at least four (4) Superintendent’s Quarterly Forums to foster parental as well as community involvement in the Irvington Public Schools.

Objective 2.

By June 2019, effectively utilize the district website, School Messenger automated phone system, Twitter, Facebook, PowerSchool Parent Portal and public access Channel 36 to communicate and seek feedback from parents and community stakeholders, with an overall target of a minimum of one (1) technological communication per month.

Objective 3.

Develop and implement two (2) strategies to introduce 5th grade parents to the middle schools and 8th grade parents to the high school.