The Irvington School District is unique in the manner in which Health and Social Service Coordinators are utilized. Our Health and Social Services Coordinators (HSSC) are master’s level school social workers. They deliver services that are aimed at fostering positive relationships and experiences at home, in school and in the community. They work with students and families to remove any roadblocks that may impede their success. They collaborate with School Counselors, school administration, faculty/staff and community stakeholders. All services are provided to facilitate behavioral change in students, support families and to assist in the success of their life goals.

Shelley E. Pettiford

Shelley E. Pettiford
973-399-6897 Ext 1823

Location icon1253 Clinton Avenue
Irvington, NJ 07111

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of the services provided. All information shared with Health and Social Services Coordinators is confidential. Your information will not be shared without your permission. Exceptions to the rule are in cases where suicidal or homicidal behavior is evident. In which case, the appropriate authority will be contacted. Cases of child abuse and neglect must also be reported.

HSSC’s also support our homeless population. If you are experiencing homelessness, please reach out to the HSSC at your child’s school for assistance and valuable resources.

Homeless in NJ? Click here For Help

If your family lives in any of the following situations:
• Shelter or transitional housing
• Shared housing with others
• Unsheltered, cars, campgrounds, FEMA trailers
• Hotel/Motel

Click Here to contact the Health and Social Services Coordinator at the school your child is attending.