Welcome to the Science Department

“I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.” – Richard P. Feynman (American Physicist, 1918-1988)

The Irvington Public Schools Science Department looks forward to the 2019-2020 school year with a focus on making science relevant for students by grounding learning within real-life contexts. As Feynman recognizes in his quote above, knowledge is most beneficial when it can be used to design solutions, construct explanations, and contribute to the scientific and engineering process for resolving the problems and questions that challenge us daily.

The K-8 program continues to be focused on integrating the various science disciplines around complex questions, engaging topics, and phenomena requiring explanation. Pearson’s Interactive Science will support our K-5 elementary students by providing students, parents, and teachers the resources they need to be successful.

At the high school we are pleased to introduce a freshman Integrated Science course. This course will include areas of Life, Physical, and the Earth sciences. Integrated Science is a foundational laboratory-based course that will assist students in transitioning to the high school science program and serve to introduce other science courses available at the high school. Additionally, many of the courses at the high school will incorporate science-themed novels this year in support of emphasizing relevance, along with literacy, within the curriculum. Revolutionary favorites such as Silent Spring by Rachel Carson as well as more recent bestsellers Hidden Figures and The Martian will help bring science to life for our high school science students.

The Science Department will engage students with learning that is relevant by challenging students to make sense of phenomena and design solutions to problems facing our world today. Teachers will also be preparing students for meeting the expectations of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards-Science and Next Generation Science Standards by focusing on the science practice of Analyzing and Interpreting Data.

The Science Department will continue its partnership with the Science Education Institute out of Raritan Valley Community College, American Chemical Society (ACS), and Students 2 Science (S2S). Cooperation with private and public entities is vital to helping us develop tomorrow’s 21st Century workforce. Most importantly we are steadfast in our commitment to providing a quality STEM education for ALL of our students.

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Staff Directory

Union Avenue Middle School

  • Kwesi Sarabo – Grades 6-8
  • Michelle Tofel – Grade 6
  • Fredy Arevalo – Grades 6, 7
  • Corey Olumbe – Grade 7
  • Njideka Emele – Grades 7, 8
  • Clifford Smith – Grade 8

University Middle School

  • Deborah Ervin – Grades 6-8
  • Chris Dix – Grade 7
  • Tiffany Baskerville – Grades 7,8
  • Terry Johnson – Grade 8

Irvington High School

  • Christiana Amadi
  • Natalie Amores
  • Theresa Bennin
  • Sarah Conboy
  • Zalak Gandhi
  • Gisha Anie George
  • Adaeze Ihouma
  • Christina Rishiy

Blue Knights Academy

  • Muhammad Rahman
  • Esther Osasogie