Welcome to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction

The primary purpose of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is to improve student academic achievement by: (1) ensuring alignment of the District’s curricula to State Standards; (2) providing quality staff development that promotes student engagement and academic rigor; (3) conducting data analysis to inform instruction; and (4) monitoring teaching and learning to ensure the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Professional Development

The Irvington Public Schools will support the goal of improving student achievement by providing quality professional development that opens the doors to improved teaching and learning through content rich, research based instructional practices. In-Service days are dedicated exclusively to the acquisition of knowledge and skills in an effort to refine the craft of our teachers for their work in the classroom. Teachers continue to make paradigm shifts by ensuring that students are provided with multidimensional instruction and assessment; and, our support staff also engage in professional development that provides them with opportunities to contribute effectively to the overall school climate.

District Curriculum Copies

Anyone interested in receiving a copy of curriculum from the various content areas should contact:

Here to Assist You

Amirah Cureton,

973-399-6800 x2116
Confidential Secretary

Bria Wallace,
973-399-6800 x2134
Confidential Secretary

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