Creating The Life You Want Through Positive Affirmations

Do positive affirmations really work? In a word, yes- if you think they do. According to psychologist, Carmen Harra, “we are what we think”. We have the capacity to impact how we feel by what we think, and the way we feel about ourselves and our circumstances affects the way we move through the world.

Envision two women applying for a job. Imagine their experience and education level are similar.  The first candidate tells herself she is bright, and capable.  Even if others may be more experienced, she has strong skills and is deserving of the job. The second candidate tells herself, she doesn’t measure up against the other candidates, she isn’t as smart or together, and probably wouldn’t do a good job anyway. How will the first candidate walk into the room? How will she present herself? How will the second?

 In life, more than half the battle is in our confidence, our belief in ourselves. Positive daily affirmations can help build up our self- esteem and help us to have a positive outlook. They can rewire our brains away from negative thoughts and feelings. When we speak our dreams or intentions out loud, we are empowered to believe they can become reality. We can channel positive thoughts into words, and those words into actions.

 Here are some positive affirmations to help you get through what continues to be a tough time and to help you to look towards a bright and happy future. Choose one or several. Write them on Post Its and place them on your bathroom mirror,  fridge, in your bedroom, or anywhere you will see them throughout the day. Say them daily to yourself, and say them with your kids. Come up with your own affirmations if these don’t resonate with you. Find the words that speak to who you are, your experiences and the goals you have for yourself. Use them to inspire you and to lead your life in the directions you’re seeking.

21 Daily Affirmations for 2021!

I am strong and capable

Today I am filled with energy and positivity

I forgive those who have harmed me in my past, they have no power over me

I can handle whatever comes next

I have the strength to overcome ___________

I am deserving of love and kindness

I am enough and love myself just as I am

Good things lie ahead for me

Everyday, I’m taking steps toward my goals

I am a work in progress and a masterpiece all at once

I am blessed with people in my life that love me

I have all the qualities I need to be successful

I choose happiness

I can overcome my challenges; I’m full of potential

I am making positive changes everyday

I am at peace with all that has happened and what is yet to come

I have courage and stand up for myself

I leave behind my old, negative habits and am taking up new, positive ones

I am in charge of my happiness

I trust myself to make the right decisions for me

There is something for me to be grateful for everyday