“School Violence Awareness Week” will be celebrated the week of October 19 -30.

During that week, school districts emphasize and acknowledge the significance of keeping schools safe from violence.

The Health and Social Services Coordinator (HSSC) will communicate via email with our Special Teachers so as to be invited into their classrooms at a convenient time to conduct age-appropriate, virtual classroom presentations addressing individual violence such as fighting and bullying.

Students will be taught the importance of:  

  • Communicating their feelings
  • Building positive relationships
  • Avoiding confrontations
  • Walking away from possible fights
  • Disagreeing with others without resorting to violence
  • Resolving disputes peacefully
  • Reporting threats of violence to an adult they trust
  • The role that education and respect (for self and others) play in resolving conflicts
  • Learning to act in more positive ways
  • Changing the way we think about ourselves and others

 Please recite the Violence-Free Pledge to your class each morning of that week.

Violence – Free Pledge

I Pledge:

To respect myself and all people,

To respect my school and property that does not belong to me,

To assume responsibility for my own behavior,

To think about the consequences of my actions,
To promote an environment free from violence.
I pledge to be Violence – Free