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Office of Government Programs

The Office of Government Programs operates within a coherent network based on the shared vision that all children can learn. The goal of the Office of Government Programs is to ensure that all children are thriving academically by providing support and services for: Intellectually Gifted Instruction , Bilingual/ESL Programs and Instruction , Non-public Schools and Compensatory Instruction

The Office of Government Programs supports 21st Century learners by responsibly seeking out and managing multimillion dollar grants. In an effort to provide resources to the students, teachers, administrators and parents, the Office of Government Programs will continue to partner with Federal, State and local agencies. Grants managed by the Office of Government Programs include: SIG – (School Improvement Grant), ESEA/NCLB – (No Child Left Behind), Title I, IIA, Title III, Child Assault Prevention Grant (CAP) EdConnect Instruction Improvement System (IIS) Grant, NJ Future Ready Technology Grant, College and Career Readiness Grant.

Parental Involvement and Outreach is a large component of the Government Programs raison d’etre.