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All students in grades K – 11 are encouraged to complete the 2016 Summer Learning Activities listed below by grade. The purpose of the summer learning activities is to promote critical thinking through the completion of various assignments that are aligned to grade level standards. The learning activities are designed to bolster our students’ academic achievement through the receipt of an extra credit test (secondary students) or quiz (elementary students) grade of C or higher for English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Additional summer learning activities and resources are available in science, social studies, physical education, preschool, and world language as well as projects for our special needs and English Language Learners across all grade levels.

Please visit Irvington Public Library located at 5 Civic Square, Irvington, NJ, to check out books after reading from the list of activities as there are many fun tasks to choose from at each grade level.

Science Reading List by Grade
Irvington Public Library