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Curriculum Requirements for Grades 9-12

Listed below are the curriculum requirements that total 125 credits for graduation from Irvington High School with a State-endorsed diploma:

20 credits of English Language Arts

15 credits of Mathematics (District promotes 20 credits of Mathematics)

15 credits of Science

15 credits of Social Studies

20 credits of Health and Physical Education

(5 credits of Physical Education is required for each year of enrollment)

5 credits of Career Education and Consumer, Family, and Life Skills

5 credits of Visual and Performing Arts

2.5 credits in Financial Literacy

5 credits of World Language (District promotes 10 or more credits of World Language)

22.5 credits of Electives**

** Elective credits can be satisfied by taking courses beyond the required amount in all subject areas including Visual & Performing Arts, Career Education & Consumer, Family, and Life Skills, and World Language.