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February – HAWKS Scholars and Scholar Leaders Practice “K” for Kindness

During the month of February, scholars and scholar leaders practiced kindness and celebrated the 100th Day of School by donating  281 nonperishable food items in one week​. On behalf of PBS and University Elementary School, the items were donated to the

Community FoodBank of NJ in Hillside. The Hillside Community Food Bank is a resource used by many of our scholar leaders who visit this location to choose donated items that can be used by our scholars during instruction.

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January – Kindergarten and 1st grade Positive Behavior Support Winners

Kindergarten and 1st grade Positive Behavior Support winners were invited to a Super Hero party for displaying HAWKS expectations by being Helpful, Achievers, Worthy, Kind, and Scholars during the months of September, October, and November! Scholars donned super hero costumes, visited arts and crafts stations, collected treasures, received superhero tattoos, decorated ​superhero masks (because all superheroes need a mask) and ate snacks and pizza. Of course, they watched The Incredibles movies.

​The grade level winners for the months of December, January and February will be rewarded with a skating party where they will participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities!​


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December – Math Rocks Night Event at University Elementary School

Scholars visited numerous math stations that included technology, red cup stacking, dirt cake measuring, tessellation, block building, and more. It was well attended by scholars, parents and scholar leaders.

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November – National Elementary Honor Society Induction Ceremony and Banquet

Congratulations to the following National Elementary Honor Society members:  5th grade: Juliet Samla, Kathleen Munoz, and Sara-Lyna Fracois 4th grade: Kamau Cumberbatch, Darwyn Cungachi, Jayden Michel, and Zion Stewart.

A very special thank you to our rising 3rd grade scholars who were so “helpful” during the event. They are all doing an amazing job shadowing our new inductees.

Rising NEHS: ​Karel DeCoteau-Roland, ​Schwaznaika Exantis, ​Janae Harris, ​Cecilia Ifefuo, ​Aljaimira Kennedy, ​Isaiah Lucas Moss, and ​Nazir Nickerson

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October – HAWKS Parents, Scholar Leaders and Scholars Observe Wellness Week October 10th – 14th

Parents ​received diabetes and blood pressure testing from a Health Educator from the Newark Community Health Care Center. They were also provided with information about healthy eating habits from a Rutgers University dietitian​. Parents also participated in a Pumpkin Twist Exercise.

​Murray the Monkey ​visited our scholars and provided them with samples of healthy snacks! Students visited the healthy snack station  to choose from a selection of carrots, strawberries, blueberries, broccoli,  and more.    Students also visited a sugar station to observe how many teaspoons of sugar can be found in everyday snacks we eat.

It was a fun, healthy and informative week for all. ​​

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